What do you prepare for your breakfast?

Anna G.
I eat toast with a homemade black bean spread (I mix black beans and olive water with some spices like oregano and thyme). I put some vegetables on top of the top of the roast.
Noori F.
Scrambled eggs mostly.
Sometimes i boil an egg or make a sunny side up with 2 toast.
Other days when i feel it, I boil 2 sausages, roasted tomatoes with either scrambled eggs or sunny side up and 2 toasted white bread
Ronan G.
As a standard I enjoy a bowl with 50g oats, one banana, 2 tablespoons of honey and some frozen blueberries. If I’m still hungry I’ll enjoy a cup of coffee and a granola bar

This meal is absolutely delicious and takes me literally 5 minutes to prepare, trust me I’ve timed myself 😂

Selin Q.
i make a smaller version of a traditional turkish breakfast for myself, a boiled egg, bread with nutella, cheese, green olives and a cup of milk coffee or tea. its absolutely delicious and full of protein!
Amala Y.
Most of the days, I have a protein which either egg (scrambled or omlette) or chicken sausage, toasted Bread, any fruit, either juice or coffee, yogurt every alternate day, cereal along with these. Some days I have waffles with maple syrup. Some other days I have south indian breakfast like Rava Upma, bread Upma or semiya. I try to include a little bit of everything for breakfast most of the days.
Lummi W.
When I have breakfast I like to have an omelet with cheese and ham in it with a side of fruit and yogurt with orange juice for a drink.
Milka P.
I place a piece of ham in a muffin pan. Then I pinch some shredded cheddar cheese and crack and egg and put it in the center of the ham pocket. Bake for 12-20 min depending on how you like your eggs!