What are quick easy and healthy breakfasts to prepare when rushing out the door?

Gabe Z.
Protein is super important! If you need a quick meal on the go- an apple with peanut butter is my go to. I also like grabbing a small bag of nuts such as almonds if I can. If you want a protein rich breakfast that’s easy to take with you, consider making some hardboiled eggs at the beginning of the week and just having them there for when you need it.
Alfred C.
A granola bar and a yogurt. But I use a straw to eat my yogurt this not having to open the package fully and not spilling. Also, Starbucks has awesome egg bites that are nutritious
Irma O.
I have a box of frozen Trader Joe’s waffles for the occasion this occasion. Pop em in, put on your shoes and jacket and grab them on the way out.
Ross C.
My power green smoothie recipe is quick & easy especially when you have all the ingredients prepped the night before. Add 1 frozen banana, 1 handful of greens, 1 pitted date, 1tbsp of acia seeds or sesame seeds, 1/2 ofan avocado & 1 cup of dairy free milk into a blender. Bend till smooth.
Tim Q.
I make a big batch of savoury muffins (healthy recipe) so they’re all ready made and portioned so I can grab them as I run out the door without having to think
Ad Nias A.
I like to make overnight oats in a mason jar by adding oats and almond milk and it’s easy to eat on the road or right before you leave.
Noah U.
Hey, great question. This morning, I woke up late so I I was rushing. I opted to just grab an apple slices with some peanut butter as it was one of the suggestions for my breakfast goal and then took along some almonds for a snack to tide me over to lunch.
Martin Z.
If you're travelling on bus or train, or can eat when you get to work, grab a lidded container and a spoon and heap a tablespoon of muesli over a couple of spoons of natural yoghurt, and 2 pieces of fruit – one for breakfast and another for the mid-morning munchies.
Johanne Z.
Overnight oats is one of my favorites. It's filling, healthy, and ready in the morning since you prepared it the day before. It's also very customizable.
Alberte W.
Hard boiled eggs, made the night or weekend before.
A banana.
Egg muffins or whole grain and fruit and nut muffins made ahead.
Whole wheat toast with a nut or seed butter.
Bobby W.
Oatmeal! You can pop it in the microwave and it will be done in 2 minutes. I like to add banana for natural sweetness and a nut butter for a little extra protein. I also like to cook mine with soymilk for really creamy oats. Chia seeds are also a good addition that add lots of omega-3s.
Caleb E.
A healthy smoothie is always fast and yummy! Or a meal with protein, healthy fats, and veggies. I’m not a huge breakfast person and I like to eat chicken or turkey with some cauliflower rice, avocado, and sweet potato or other veggies that you can prepare ahead of time. Hard boiled eggs are quick yummy protein for the morning also!
Anna G.
Toast with nut butter is easy to eat one handed. I take overnight oats with me to work, where I just get everything ready on Sunday so it's just grab and go for the rest of the week. You can also prepare boiled eggs for a grab and go protein item.
Oliver F.
Because I know that mornings can be stressful, prepping food to grab and go is a lifesaver. Typically on the mornings, I like have 1-2 boiled eggs ready to go as well as some fresh fruit such as an orange or banana. This is a good mix of carbs and protein to get your day started.
Joanne N.
Eggs take about 10 minutes to cook. Toast some bread at the same time. Add a slice of cheese if you'd like and that's a whole meal.