Do you practice intermittent fasting? Did you do it through the Fabulous app or on your own?

Deborah U.
I always have something for breakfast but I changed it to healthy food as i had the habit of eating doughnuts and moffins by morning.

Xavier E.
No I dont fast. But I do believe in eating at scheduled mealtimes, and at most one snack a day. I usually only drink water or tea, and try not to eat after dinner. Good luck!

Gavin W.
I don't practice intermittent fasting because I found it just makes me ravenous. I use an app called Cronometer, which also tracks micronutrients, so it is great for vegetarians like me.

Abigail O.
Yes i do. I started the intermittent fasting in june and i'm feeling better and better everyday. It gives me energy to start.

Mads G.
I’ve tried intermittent fasting. I find it helps my mind stay much more clear. But I do not practice it regularly. I’m into trying if fabulous helps.

Joaquina I.
I have practiced IF for a period of nearly 4 months a year ago, I did It on my own since I hadn't hear about the Fabulous app yet.

Adele E.
No, for me fasting leads to binging. The main thing with any diet or healthy eating plan is to make sure it fits in with your life. Ot that you have to change everything to accomodate your diet. Otherwise, it just isnt sustainable.

Asta C.
I haven’t tried intermittent fasting before. I was listening to an audiobook called Inner Engineering by Sadhguru and he mentions that our bodies naturally go through phases where we don’t have a bug appetite or don’t feel hungry and this is when you should listen to your body and fast.

Ingetraud Q.
I do it as part of my religious practices, and I fast a whole month without food or drinks from sunrise to sunset. This was scientifically proven to have so many benefits!

Magnus W.
I did try it, but found I couldn’t get past the tired phase. I was having to take a nap every day. I’d like to try it again someday.

Henny W.
I have but it’s not something I am in a spot to continue since it restarted my eating disorder. I think it can be helpful but it can be a dangerous slope for some people. We are all so different and it is great to find a community but it’s important we stay conscious that everyone is on their own journey.

Capucine Q.
I have tried it.. it seemed to work.. but i really tend to focus on my next meal way to much.. and sort of plan my day around it.. or if I haven't had time to eat I tend to just eat anything

Julian Q.
Yes. I practice intermittent fasting and I started before I had the Fabulous app. I skip breakfast and don't eat after 9pm typically.

Andreas Z.
I don't practice intermittent fasting. I am a person with epilepsy and I haven't consulted my neurologist or any professionals if intermittent fasting does not trigger seizures.