How do I motivate myself to eat a healthy breakfast if I have too much junk in my kitchen?

Darren P.
Tidy a small area and leave fruit and a bottle of water and vitamin tablets there as your go to area first thing in the morning
Marjolein O.
Try to get rid of the junk and buy a lot of healthy food. Important to take that the healthy food taste good so it's easier to keep eating it. Every evening you should make sure you have a nice healthy breakfast ready for the next morning.
Evelyn E.
Assemble the food the night before when your not hungry. And then distract yourself while your in the kitchen. Another thing is remove the junk don’t buy food you don’t want to consume
Vikiirna J.
I would start by giving away or throwing away all the junk in my kitchen. Use your willpower during your shopping trip not to buy it anymore. That's a once a week exertion of willpower, not a daily one when you're hungry.
Celal Q.
Throw out the junk and buy healthy foods, like vegetables, fruits, whole-grain bread, rolled oats, nuts, Joghurt, Tofu …
You can donate your junk food or give it to friends who are into it.
Ange N.
I get rid of my junk. I’m always tempted to eat it if it’s in the house, and I’ve learnt that I don’t have the best impulse control – I’ll think of it, fight against it for a split second and then think of an excuse as to why I should eat it. Then the second it’s gone, I wish I hadn’t. That’s not to say you shouldn’t treat yourself! A treat now and again will keep you motivated to eat healthy. But personally I’ve found that removing the unhealthy options and just buying one when you want to treat yourself works best. So get rid of the junk, stock up on healthy options (that you like!) and when breakfast time comes it’ll be an easy decision.
Mina O.
Start by throwing out one piece of junk by one piece. You don’t have to throw it all away immediately, step by step 🙂 And as you throw out something, change it with a healthy version: peanuts, fruit, healthy bread, raw sweets, lots of water… Have a good day 🙂
Arthur F.
get rid of all the junk food in your house, that way you won't even have the chance to eat junk food. go to the supermarket and buy many healthy foods so you won't have to go to the supermarket in a while, that way you'll only have healthy foods in your house.