What is you favorite grab and go healthy breakfast?

Neivana T.
My #1 on the go breakfast is a smoothie. I use a handful of spinach as a base, a cup of soy milk, half a banana, a handful and a half of frozen strawberries, a kiwi and a tablespoon each of flaxseed and chia seed. Lots of iron, fiber and deliciousness. There are millions of smoothie recipies to choose from. Add low sugar greek yogurt if you want it thicker. My other on the go breakfast is a cup of yogurt (I like siggis mixed berry) topped with some museli. I use Bobs Red Mill brand museli with raisins. If you have a little bit of time, an egg sandwich can travel well too. I toast low sugar/low carb sandwich thins, spread mashed up avocado on both thins and add two scrambled eggs a slice or two of turkey bacon and a few sun dried tomatoes. Take a napkin with you, cause the tomatoes and avocados can be messy, but it's always delicious. Add a handfull of grapes, an apple or a banana as a side.
Aubrey X.
As much as it still requires a little time to do, a smoothie is my favourite to grab and go with (as long as it’s one you can literally blend and put a lid on the same container). Water, bananas (frozen or not), berries (likewise), cacao powder, natural protein powder and a pinch of salt works wonders. Having these ingredients close by to the blender and in easy containers is a huge help.

If you’re really pressed for time, a banana is great – as long as you don’t have to wait too long for your next meal.

Tim Z.
Instant plain oatmeal with some frozen berries is a good go -to breakfast that really sticks with me. Also, if I hard boil a few eggs ahead of time in the fridge, then have a piece of toast and an apple or orange and a coffee that’s a really easy and quick thing to eat when running out the door!
Lina E.
I had my usual lentil/vegetable/rice stew spiced with salt, pepper, Rogan Josh, garlic, turmeric, and curry.
Taylor J.
I like having a snack pack of deli meet, cheese, carrots, grapes, and almonds. If I have to eat breakfast on the go or at my desk I'm more likely to eat enough if it's an interesting selection of finger foods. The meat, cheese, and almonds keep me sustained and the fruit and veggies give me nutrients.
Dietlind T.
I just go. I wake up and do my short Fabulous morning routine, hop onto my bike and ride to work. Thats where I have my breakfast (currently after a light 1hr. aerobic workout that burns fat) So I always have a good high 40g protien/veg breakfast at work, no rush, no stress, no grab & go. Just a fabulous 5 egg & kale scramble and tea for example (only 2 yolks though). 😉
Ruperto A.
A jar of overnight oats, homemade energy bars or a fruit and some nuts in a pinch.
Victoria C.
An egg sandwich, classic, easy and not much hassle. When I had the time though, I made banana fritters with eggs and had a cup of tea.
Laura U.
A granola bar or an oatmeal bar. I also really like the Atkins meal bars, but that can get spendy.
Odete S.
Apple wedges with peanut butter or with a slice of cheese. Also, a piece of fruit and hard boiled egg. I keep a bowl of hard boiled eggs in the frig so I always have them ready to grab and go or to put in a salad, etc.
Mia U.
There is no "grab and go" in my household. I need time to wake up, drink my coffee, check in with husband and child, pack lunches, read news and plan the day. My two easy fixes are half whole wheat bagel with whipped cream cheese and lox, and a fried egg on a piece of toast with 1 slice of prosciutto. I've lately added fruit to both regimens.