How do I keep my focus prior to making breakfast in the kitchen? I find myself easily distracted. Also, how can I incorporate more protein in the morning?

Adriana Q.
Different people have different ways in maintaining their focus. As for me, I would put some sticky notes with motivational quotes around the kitchen. I also set picture of my ideal body as my wallpaper, as a constant reminder what my goal is. For protein, I take protein shake and egg. Maybe you could goggle what protein based food is available at your local groceries stores and plan your meal for the week. Make full use with whatever you have at the moment.
Neil O.
First- put away your phone! It is so important to focus on the importance of food- rather it’s taste. Yes, taste is important- but by putting meaning behind your food, you stay focused. For example- think” I must stay focused on making breakfast because it will fuel me for the day.” Also- by investing in plant based protein- which does not have harsh chemicals and unhealthy ingredients- one can easily add it to a bowl of oatmeal, a smoothie, etc:) good luck<3
Eliot P.
For the first question, I have no idea. I feel hungry in the morning and automatically focus on cooking. Maybe you ate too much yesterday evening? Protein powder is a convenient approach to add protein.
Silas C.
You may check Morning journey out. I normally get up early and have a quick energy drink (prepared the night before) then I have a focus hour to do most important task.
David X.
Using the alarm on this app really helps to keep me from getting distracted. If I do get distracted then the alarm brings me back to what I should be doing, like making breakfast. A good way to incorporate more protein into my breakfast is by eating eggs, yogurt and nut butters.
Milo Q.
I am not sure about how not to get distracted. I would go for a solid habit always in the sales order. Also, you can prepare breakfast the day before. To incorporate more protein, prepare eggs, bacon, egg muffins, or eat a chicken sandwich for instance.
Kenneth P.
I believe having a focus on your first step is really a great way to avoid getting distracted. For example, every morning the first thing do is to turn on the coffee machine, or heat water for tea. Basically creating a routine with few basic steps that you can do every morning. I find that usually helps stick to the kitchen routine.
For protein, if you are ok with mixing in a protein supplement, I highly suggest drinking a protein shake every morning. Another good example is a quick egg scramble which packs in a great dosage of protein. Even foods like flavoured low calorie Greek yogurt can do wonders
Lisa W.
I haven't worked this out to perfection yet, myself, but for me it's about not starting my daily "things" until I'm sitting down with a plate or bowl of breakfast *at* those things. So, don't open the laptop until I'm sitting down with a bowl of oatmeal and plain yogurt. Protein inclusions are pretty easy for me. Make a point to create an auto-pass mentality regarding carbs in your kitchen. They may belong elsewhere, but not in breakfast. Oatmeal (non-packet kind) with a scoop of plain yogurt or peanut butter in it adds an interesting spin on oatmeal. Long burning carb + long burning and potent fuel source of protein = *great* start to the day. To go above and beyond with long lasting energy, grab a B Complex vitamin that's properly bioavailable (which you'll need to do a little research on). This routine sets my day on fire.
Suzane G.
I have bought a big tub and have filled it with dried fruit, nuts and seeds (I make around 2-3 weeks worth at a time!) I have a handful each morning for my breakfast – it's a quick way to add protein and takes 'no time' to make so I won't get distracted.
Mason J.
I always prepare stuff for breakfast in the evening so I don't have to do much in the morning. In the weekends I take a lot of time to prepare and eat, always eggs and some veggies, wholegrain bread, the whole shabang. During the week I try to make it simple, oats and flax seeds in yoghurt and fresh fruits.
Ma Lys T.
Make sure you don't have junkfood that can distract you from making a healthy breakfast. Eggs have a lot of protein and are a really good breakfast food. I always have scrambled egg and a sauce of my choice. Hope this helps. 🙂
Julius X.
I alternate between eggs and bacon or porridge and an orange (not in the same bowl) I let my dog out and whether it's eggs or porridge I put it in the micro wave for 3 minutes, go upstairs and get dressed and it's done and cooled ready to eat when I come back down, I'm dressed and let my dog in. I cook the bacon the night before or do a batch 2 days in advance. If I don't have time, I put it in a travel microwave container, microwave it at home and take it with me to work ready cooked xoxo
Victoria A.
I think the best way to keep yourself focused is to create a routine that works for you. What works for me is I set my clock to wake me up at 4 am every morning. Before I go to bed, I set my filled water bottle by my bed. Then, I add water and coffee in my coffee maker for the next day and then go to bed. When my alarm goes off, I get up because I know I need to move to wake up. I start my coffee maker and go to the bathroom. When I return, drink my water. By then, my coffee is made. I take a few sips of coffee and head downstairs to make my breakfast. That's a routine that works for me and that might work for you too. I like to prepare the night before so I'm ready to go the next day.
For protein, there are so many ways you can get it. You can have peanut butter and apples, eggs, oatmeal, protein powder in shakes or oatmeal, leftover meat, etc. What kind of protein do you like? Try to find healthy breakfast recipes with your favorite protein. It doesn't have to be time consuming.
Ludger F.
Make a menu and look for overnight recepies. To add protein you can take: Greek yogurt, hummus, eggs, almononds, premade and home made meat patties.
Ethan F.
I find focus is easiest in the morning. Best not to spend too much time in front of a screen when you wake up. That is where most of the distraction lies. As far as protein? Some lean meat or peanut butter is golden.
Nicoline B.
I would suggest rethinking the situation. Instead of seeing it as a focus deficit, see it as the absence of a routine. A lot of times when we say focus, what we really mean is the ability to overcome instinct and environment, which is a pretty tall order! Instead, set up a circumstance where making breakfast first is the easiest thing to do and a non option. Have whatever you can set out the night before already set out, and if it can't be set out overnight then have it at the front of the refrigerator and as maximally prepped as possible. Then after you wake up and go to the bathroom, stagger in there and do Then after you wake up and go to the bathroom, stagger in there and do it first thing. If you can successfully reframe it as an option then no focus is required and no Herculean effort is required.
Adira F.
Make yourself a schedule and set yourself 15 mins the night before to prep breakfast for the morning. If you are making same day, again, try to keep to a routine. Don't look at your phone first thing and start scrolling…Get up, drink water and head to the kitchen. For protein…eggs are a great source and they keep you fillet for longer
Chad Z.
First you need to learn WHAT is making you loose focus. What are the things you are getting distracted with? Maybe you can put on some headphones whit music and try to just pay attention to your meal. Also… Eggs, oatmeal and spinach are great for you morning protein needs
Mario P.
The first step to make sure you focus on making your breakfast in the kitchen is to eliminate your distractions. If it’s something that can be easily removed from the kitchen just put the object in a different room that is far from you. A step that I do to make sure I make a good breakfast is that I imagine how I will feel by accomplishing my goal of making a healthy breakfast. That’s also something you can do to push the distraction away by focusing on one thing. You can get protein from eggs, egg whites, sausage, yogurt, and smoothies. ( add a protein powder to the smoothie ) Now if your vegan or vegetarian, protein smoothies, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and soy yogurt is going to be your best friend. You can also add tofu or temph to your breakfast if you have enough time. Hope this helps 🙂
Rodolfo Q.
Going to the grocery store with a precise list in advance helps a lot. Setting aside a timeframe helps as well. Removing any distractions such as Tv and mobile throughout the breakfast cooking process is essential. One thing I find personally helpful is listening to a jazz and coffee playlist. A powder protein is practical and it goes extremely well with avocado, banana and oat smoothies. Have a great breakfast experience!
Johnny Z.
I drink coffee or tea in the morning for focus. I eat eggs for protein fruit smoothies and nuts also can provide protein.
Cherly W.
Plan a morning routine that forces you to have done various tasks before breakfast. For protein, add unsalted nuts to a bowl of chopped fruit, try lentil soup, or salmon with poached eggs and spinach.
Marcia J.
After making a healthy breakfast, think carefully about exactly what you are going to do next. For example: after I finish eating, I will wash my dish, and then, go straight to tidying up. After that, I will complete my meditation.
As for a protein-filled breakfast, try sardines. Despite their bad rep, sardines are a superfood to help build the new super-you! If you can’t bear the fishy taste, try eating them on whole wheat bread or with avocado and tomato for fewer carbohydrates. Happy Habits!
-A Friend
Elia S.
I think that having the exact flow of your morning planned out is key. You could even make a list. Also, putting out your clothes etc. the night before gives you that clear track.

I use a Nature’s Choice protein powder that is lots of fruits and veggies. And then I have a bowl of super high fiber cereal.

Maria W.
Last months I have hard times to maintain focus too, It is quite hard because my mind wanders a lot. I am not quiet sure about food.
Rosalyn J.
Prep as much of your breakfast the night before to make it easier to cook in the morning. If you're like me, you have a hard time waking up and the thought of cooking a healthy breakfast seems daunting. Eggs are a great way to add protein to your breakfast! I prep a dozen eggs for the week by scrambling them in a blender bottle and measuring them out into daily servings.
Mason F.
I try to decide what's for breakfast the night before, and make some preparations if needed/possible. About adding proteins: I fell in love with making yogurt from silken tofu, and paired woth some granola and fruits it makes great and east breakfast
Flenn F.
I try to have a meal plan the day before and a chalk board in the kitchen as an extra focus point and music. Eggs are excellent morning protein
Maria W.
Don’t worry about being distracted if you have a planned out breakfast/snack option it’s easier. Overnight oats is a winner winner
you can set up a few at a time in jars
1/2 cup rolled or steel cut oats
2teaspoons or 1 tablespoon chia seeds( for protein)
1cup non dairy milk (oat milk is yummy)
leave in the fridge overnight can add nut butter fruit nuts cinnamon whatever you think is yum
Jerry E.
Solidify your morning routine, plan and prepare ahead of time so there's nothing else pulling at your attention, meal plan, meal plan, meal…. (All a #NoteToSelf lol)