Any suggestions for a pre-workout, pre-breakfast snack besides a banana?

Mufeedha Z.
It's better to do workout in morning coz it's a good thing to start your day and you will feel energized and productive for the whole day…you can use music during workouts too to make it even more fun…such as light musics….in case of breakfast,you can add fruits(mainly apple and banana,you might have even heard the proverb,"AN APPLE A DAY KERPS THE DOCTOR AWAY"),nuts,eggs and oatmeal…..hope this piece of information might be useful

August Z.
ild suggest you mix some other fruits as well and make like fruit salad like, apple, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, etc.

Wibke F.
I'd recommend something light and easily digestible. Could be yogurt, nuts or berries. Anything with a good amount of protein. Oatmeal (with a banana if you want) is also a great option. There also special pre-workout drinks that you can buy. Also think of your other macros besides protein, so fat and carbs. For example avocado toast or maybe apples with peanut butter.

Adriane Z.
I think for breakfast I would choose bread with milk. Because bread have protein and also milk. Milk give energy to body to work and do exercise.

Ronald O.
If you are tired you can walk in your house for few minutes, this help me a lot to get energy and motivation.
Apples, Watermelons and granola bars are a good options for pre-breakfast. (Sorry if my english is not good)

Susanna Y.
Maybe a chocolate bar? I know I know, chocolate is not healthy, but dark chocolate is! Plus you deserve some chocolate 😉

Sara X.
Maybe something that’s gonna give u energy while working out like some healthy carbs such as whole grain piece of bread or some fruits

Elizabeth A.
I tend not to eat a fruit before working out. I don't want to feel too full as I'll be working out. So, I just have some bread or some milk.

Baptiste Z.
Breakfast is as always told to be "the most important meal of the day" currently being in the hospital for my mwntal health ive been doing as much as i can to make healthy habits and i would suggest like blueberry morning rounds, or even bagels with peanut butter or your fav nut butter to help you get the fibre and protein needed alongside with a small bowl of a light cereal! Thats how ive been rocking it! 😊