How soon after waking up should breakfast be eaten?

Clara T.
Wake up then do some stretching (I do qigong) then some gardening & hug the dog then bathroom ritual & get dress then time for breakfast.
C Lestin O.
Upon waking I make my coffee . I squeeze a half lemon into 16 oz cup then add 1 tbsp of organic vinegar .I drink whats left of water bottle then put my cup on dining room table
Next I make a breakfast , I center my breakfast around eggs . I'll eat then take my cup of water to wash down my medication then finish my water.
Mike T.
Ooooh. I'm not an expert on this.
But for my routine, I'll get up and drink water, use the bathroom and settle basic gromming stuff, do the exercise routine and then have breakfast.
It works for me in this order because I find I can't do the exercise session having just ate. I'm less mobile. And feel super weird; like there's food jiggling around in me.
After exercise is great to fuel up…. 🤔 I guess for a time estimate I'd recommend within 45 minutes of waking up.
Any later than that I find my stomach starts adjusting itself.
Albane Y.
I can't jump out of bed and immediately eat. I always have my glass of water first, then in about half an hour I eat. Then I let it go down before I get ready for the day. In that hour after waking you can sit and enjoy the calm.
Alizee Q.
I mean, each person in different. But i usually have breakfast no later than 1 hour and 30 minutes after waking up. I think that having breakfast any time after that is too long.
Rose G.
In my case. I must wait an hour after taking a medicine to eat. As I awake early, this gives me time to reflect on the day ahead and plan for the best use of my time. Even if I did not have to wait this long , I enjoy this routine and would do this anyway.
Charlotte T.
It usually takes me a moment to actually get hungry so I try to eat something light before work/school even if I don’t have an appetite. Maybe half an hour?
Johanne W.
I dont really get hungry very quick after waking up. I usually eat when I am hungry. It takes about an hour or 2 after I wake up for me to get hungry.
Delores N.
Add least 1 hour because it gives me a headache if i eat to much and you’ll be to tired to focus and enjoy a good breakfast
Candela Q.
I usually start breakfast between 15-30 min after waking up. I take a glass of warm water and wait to feel my body is waken up and is ready for eating, walking and other daily routins.
Coline Q.
I don't know what the science says but I find eating breakfast as soon as I wake up gives me time to digest my food before I start doing exercise or work. The time directly after eating should be used to let your body relax and begin the digestion process, that's why I like to play with my 6 month old at this time. It is soothing.