Yes. What is the ideal breakfast to eat during the week?

Aoibhinn M.
I would say an ideal quick weekday breakfast would be a healthy cereal (all bran etc.) with some fruit or some porridge (and you could even put protein powder or fruit in it)
In S Y.
For a light and fast breakfast I prefer toast a piece of bread and use jam as topping. But, vegan pancakes are the best!
Basi O.
first advice: search some ideas on the internet.
You could also try this: yogurt+cereal and a fruit (ex. an apple or an orange, pls pay attention to eat the stagional fruit).
You could try this too: a toast with a orange (or whatever you prefer!) juice.
stay healthy! <3
Ann O.
Breakfast is an important part of the day. I most often use oatmeal with fruit, or omelet with vegetables. Add to this a cup of coffee and generally a good start to the day.
Frederik N.
I feel like whatever is healthy, but convenient at the same time. At the moment, some eggs, fruits and a cup of tea/coffee work best for me. Eggs provide me with the necessary proteins , fruits with essential vitamins and minerals, and tea energizes me for the day.
Nathalie S.
I personally love oatmeal. I have mine with a teaspoon of drinking chocolate and a teaspoon of peanut butter. It's delicious!
Ella N.
I like something relatively small but high in protein, like Greek yogurt with maybe a bit of dry oats and either tahini or nuts mixed in with lemon juice and a drizzle of honey. Eggs are also good. If I really don’t feel like eating, I have a few almonds or stir collagen peptides into my coffee.