I like making a smoothie for breakfast as it’s quick and easy to make. What other quick & easy options are there?

Casey C.
I usually have what my girls are having. Most frequently we have a lowfat, whole grain waffle. They have pb and honey on theirs and I have butter and syrup or nutella on mine. I usually drink a skinny chai tea latte every morning (made at home.) Sometimes we have oatmeal with butter, milk, and brown sugar. Sometimes on weekends I make a small okie breakfast of eggs, bacon, and either toast, pancakes, or biscuits and gravy. What I've learned here I'd that I should prolly move my carb to later in the day and focus more on the protein. Maybe I should start having boiled eggs because that's something I can make ahead. I'm not a morning person and 3 days a week it's pretty busy and I end up getting donuts. I used to love overnight oatmeal. I'll try to find that recipe again.
Sarah N.
I’ve tried two options so far and I’ve to fight against my sleepiness in the morning but I’ve found that use five more minutes to cook breakfast is even useful for myself.
I’ve cooked scrambled eggs with toasted bread and this took me not even 10 minutes. Yesterday I tried to eat an apple and a banana cut and mixed together and this also was very quick to prepare. I like to also drink something and because here in Italy I have a lot of oranges in this time of the year I choose to make some orange juice.
Elise R.
I'm trying to lose weight so what I do in the morning, sometimes as I make a smoothie since it's the easiest thing to do. But other times I make an egg with cheese or plain egg and I put salt and pepper on it.
Amy N.
Instant oats (plain, not flavoured) are great, I usually add a little cinnamon & chopped or grated apple but you could add anything you feel like really. Poached eggs on whole grain toast is good and rice thins with a little nut butter and sliced banana will also keep you going 😊
Katherine O.
Chia pudding is great. Mix chia, non dairy milk, flavorings and natural sweetener and put in the fridge overnight. Top w some fruit, chopped nuts, cacao nibs, low sugar jam or whatever you like and you’re good to go!
Catherine F.
You can have a probiotic yogurt and you can also have if you join Beachbody you can have a shakeology powder 1 everyday if you have an envelope for the individual servings. If you also want to you can have a granola bar, protein bar, or anything else that you can think 🤔 of.
Astrid C.
A quick and easy option is breakfast burritos. They take about 10-15 mins to make. Or you could eat yogurt with granola in it. That takes about 2 mins to get ready. Those are my go to breakfast ideas because they quick, easy, and super delicious.
Peachade N.
Protein Pancakes if you have the dry mix already prepped the night before, yogurt and granola bowl, whole grain/fortified bread with peanut butter !
Be Ta N.
Hi there! If you like to eat fruits for breakfast, then you should try oatmeal. It’s quick to cook, or you can even prepare it the evening before. Look up the expression “overnight oats”, and you will find some delicious recipes! Personally, I like to add some cinnamon to my oatmeal near the end of the cooking process, when almost all the water has evaporated. Or you can try cocoa instead. Also, you can top your oatmeal with some fruit. Oatmeal is a healthy alternative for people who are used to eating a carbohydrate rich breakfast. Plus, you can eat is hot or cold. Enjoy your oatmeal! 🙂