Is there anyone that meal preps their breakfasts on a budget? I would love help with this.

Ella G.
I do! I make oatmeal with dried fruit and add coconut sugar and bag it up. Then it’s instant oatmeal! Just add water and microwave!! I also cut up all my fresh fruit into bite sized pieces and squeeze lemon juice on it to preserve it – then I just dish it up with my oatmeal and voila!! Fast, easy and affordable breakfast!!
I save big cooking projects for my days off, like eggs, pancakes etc.
Celeste P.
I don't know what kind of help is needed, questions is kind of vague but my budget is tight. I do mini preps, idk what to explain but 3 piece portioned preps (cheap). Sometimes 5 piece, we get greedy & my kid wrestles. Single, sick mom : ) hmu if you'd like. Good luck you'll find your budget & prep.