I have a lot of food allergies. How do you not get bogged down by eating the same foods over and over for breakfast?

Gerald O.
If you easily get bored of eating the same thing try switching up the flavors or try different substitutes for some recipes you really like! maybe add some peppers or a dash of cinnamon!
Aliu N.
Allergies could be dangerous al beit phenomena in the extreme situations though most times they are minor incidents. Anyhow they are irritating!
You may have to live with some routine food 🥘 that you know you don’t react to! You however could try few new food, in very small quantities until you are sure you are not allergic to them
Kimberly N.
What I think would be helpful,is to write a list of lots of healthy breakfast options on a list and then cancel out the foods that you are allergic to.You could maybe do some research on healthy breakfast options and see what is a possibility for you to eat with out having an allergic reaction.
Kartik F.
It would had helped a lot if you had specified what kind of allergies you have.However, taking into account of most common allergies of nuts,seafood and gluten it leaves you with less amount of items to choose from.I would suggest you to go with chickpea flour crepes,finger millet soup,sprouted grains and cereal salad,stir fried veggies n meats with rice.hope this helps.
Aria W.
Choose different seasonings and toppings. Variations of recipes. Plan your meals a head so you can enjoy good allergy friendly food and not have to figure it out last minute
Julio O.
If you can, experiment with seasonings and preparation. For example, I end up eating a lot of eggs because they are cheap and readily available. Eating them hard fried with salt and pepper every day gets tiring so on occasion, I'll poach the eggs, make an omelet, or even just fry them over easy. If I don't have time, I still fry them until they're hard. I just change the seasonings. I might add cheese to the top while they're frying. I might replace black pepper with red pepper. Just figure out what works for you within your limitations and go for it. You've got this.
Gintar R.
I don't have many allergies but I have the same thing where sometimes I get bored of my usual meals and can't think of anything I'd like to eat for breakfast. I think the best solution is investing some time to research a variety of meals you'd like, get the products and make a list of 5 different meals. You'll have 2 that are your go to and then if you don't feel like having those one day – you have some back up options.
Also look into substitute ingredients if you have allergies. You might be able to have a bigger variety of meals if you change up a few allergen ingredients.
Margaret Q.
I try different ways of cooking them. For example yesterday I had scrambled eggs, the day before I had omelette and another day I had a wrap with egg. I try to be flexible cause I know if I get bored I will quit so it's all about variety
Olivar B.
I usually eat an omelet with a slice of bread every morning for breakfast(sounds boring) but I usually like to change it sometimes for example I cut a hole in the bread and cook the egg in the slice of bread which is really cute and creative or sometimes I like to add spices or something to give it a bit of taste. I’m not saying you should do this but try to think outside the box. Make something creative and different I hope this helps you and if it doesn’t I’m sorry😅
Trinity Y.
I would try different recipes first, or changing ingredients in a recipe to give a little mix. I also try to remember that, while a healthy breakfast is important and awesome, if my breakfast is small and later I eat a healthy snack or larger lunch when I have more options, that's ok too.
Juvena F.
I have the same issue! I look up allergy-specific recipies online, and look for hashtags on Instagram for foodies with similar allergies/restrictions. I also think about what I can have, and what I can do with those ingredients. Good luck and keep going! You'll find a variety, I was in your same spot a while back! You can do it!!
Joshua Y.
Try make things that don’t include the items you are allergic to but still vary. You could find at least 3 breakfasts you aren’t allergic to and rotate those
Lanning Q.
For me I actually focus on what the food is doing for my body, how Im feeling inside when I eat the same maybe healthy foods and if I'm working out eating healthy I feel great no matter if I have to repeat. In yorlur case of allergies I wouldn't want to cause my body harm so think about it as your best friend (the repeated food)
Susan N.
For myself I don't mind what to have for breakfast. I usually have oats with some raisins and honey, so that always is a energy booster in the morning. I don't really think about the kind of breakfast that I'm having, I just know that it is vital energy for me to stay alert and awake during the morning. In your case, I'd say if you think in the same way, then you'll get used to it!
Thank you for your question.
Hope my opinion was a little helper.


Levi U.
I think of breakfast as fuel for the day! To me it doesnt have to be delicious just give me the energy to have a good day!
Sonia X.
I have a lot of food allergies too. Depending on what you're allergic to, do food swaps. I'm allergic to dairy, soy and gluten. If I want bread or muffins I make gluten free, paleo or keto versions. If I want cream cheese I use coconut or cashew spread. Yogurt – coconut or almond yogurt. I use Pinterest a lot. Search for swaps or add "without x" x being the allergen, and you'll come up with a lot of ideas!
Vera V.
For me, it was all about finding this one breakfast that tasted so well that I'd be willing to eat it every day. Every now and then, I might switch to something else for the sake of variety, but usually I am so satisfied with my cereals (with almonds and fresh fruit, e.g. grapes) that I could eat ot everyday without getting bored.
Emma F.
You just have to find something healthy that you really like, I have been eating the same breakfast most days for over a year now and I still get excited every morning to eat it. (I have porridge with lots of additions but I guess it depends on your allergies!) x
Alyssia C.
The way you prepare your breakfast is important and mostly can be done also different ways. For example vegetables (which are often alergia free) can be served as fresh, as various salat, roasted… And you can switch between some meals and make a week plan to not eat the samé meal every Day.
Kelsey X.
I have a lot of food allergies too! I find that finding something that makes me excited to make (rn it’s the whipped coffee fad) allows for making the same thing to be exciting! Try new things and explore creative ways of plating that makes it exciting for you.
Dylan Z.
I feel like you could add a nice touch to it every day let's say you eat porridge. One day, you add bananas. Next day – cinnammon,and the day after some other fruits. And if this isn't possible, just takea moment to taste the dish. And imagine it tastes just a little different every day. That kind of changes the state ofyour mind maybe…
Mariah N.
For ex.I don't have any allergies of food but sometimes I'm tired of eating the same food over and over for breakfast.You just have to not eat too much actually you are not tired of eating the same food you are just tired of eating.So just try to eat enough to not feel bed.When you are bored and want to eat just try to find something interesting to do and stop eating without realizing or the better way to spend time is cooking.You just have to cook something actually your time will go and you'll not feel hungry during cooking but when you'll finish it it'll already be time for you to eat something so you can have meal or dinner and by that way you'll not eat too much and will not be tired of eating the same food.
Ambry P.
I drink the same protein drink every morning on my walk. But some days I’ll add in something else if I’m still hungry or just want to switch things up. Banana, apple, scrambled eggs on toast, etc. Just a little something to not make it so monotonous.
Eleut Rio P.
I'm really sorry to hear that. Well on the bright side we have plenty of other foods which are non allergenic. So do your research, make a list and buy accordingly. You don't have to eat one particular type of meal religiously. I'm sure there are many ways to prepare one dish. Try new recipes and keep switching your meals after 3 days.
Antonio O.
try to find replacements for them. On the other hand don’t try to make yourself forbid those foods. Just accept that you like them but at this stage of life you don’t need them
Eva O.
There are more ways to grt passionate about breakfast. I am taking breakfast for last 6 months. You should try different recipes for the same ingredients to make them look and taste like something else. Plating the food to catch your eye is one more reason for you to enjoy your meal. Maybe try find something new, which you dont have allergy on and simply rotate about 5 types of breakfast.
Lilly E.
Possibly making a list of your allergies and looking up breakfast foods you can eat for those, than see if there is multiples of the same foods under each allergy and then you can find thing’s to eat from that.
Am Ncio P.
You can cook the same ingredients differently and use different spices. For example, the vegetables used to make a salad can also be used to make stir fry or you can incorporate them in an omelet or you can make a ratatouille etc.
Ina U.
Ok .. for myself I love eggs so when I knew that's a good breakfast I started to make eggs for breakfast by different ways and searched about new ways to make eggs so I don't eat the same food over and over 😂🙃 I recommend to find your favorite healthy food which don't causes allergies for you then search about new ways to make it .. so you won't eat the same everyday .. I hope that I could help you 💚