What would be the ultimate balanced breakfast to get your day started? I’m having two fried eggs and some muesli with milk every morning. Is this sufficient or am I missing something that I can add to still have a lean yet balanced and nutritious meal?

Susan P.
Eggs and milk have lots of saturated fat which can be bad for weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions. My ultimate breakfast includes oatmeal with soy milk (both organic to improve gut health), then I add peanut butter and cinnamon and any fruit like bananas and strawberries. I also like eating leftovers for breakfast like beans and rice with salsa or vegetable soup. Eating a balanced amount of carbs and protein will keep you full longer and vegan whole food sources are always healthiest. I like to focus on whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and I avoid fat by cutting out meat, dairy and oil.
Tri A.
I think this breakfast is already very sufficient. On days where muesli or eggs are unavailable you could replace it with some fruits. Personally I enjoy my eggs with bread as I find it even more filling this way. The variety in your breakfast is very nice as you will enjoy discovering new tastes throughout your meal. Overall I believe it is quite sufficient.
Tobias C.
Hello! In my experience, a great balanced breakfast is what works best for you, wakes you up, and makes you feel strong to start your day without feeling hungry until lunch. It also depends on what you can afford or its available in your region. If culturally, you are used to a different kind of breakfast, then go with that if it really suits you. For me, my breakfast consists of black tea with milk (or coffee if that’s not available) and one or two toasts. I tried having a piece of fruit but with an empty stomach I felt nauseous. I also tend to vary the toppings of my toasts on the weekends with marmalades or some deli with olive oil. So again, whatever makes you feel great and healthy will do. Cereals, biscuits, pancakes or even rice with soup will do!
Marco C.
It sounds like a great start to me but I recommend alternating eggs with some other plant protein during the week. Eggs are rich in animal protein, if your routine does not involve intensive training throughout the day, I recommend that you decrease the weekly dose of eggs and maybe take some protein/plant fat (I can think of avocados). I also recommend alternating milk with kefir or yogurt, two foods rich in ferments that help your intestinal flora. And then I would add a fresh seasonal fruit every morning to add vitamins and some freshness. However, the base seems great to me.