Should I drink milk in the morning or is only water enough?

A La Y.
You never should drink milk in any time. Milk consumption is assosiated with diabetes, hormonal sicknesses and cancer. Plus, it is crual. Walter is more than enough.
Anjali F.
You need to have a wholesome breakfast in the morning. Milk and boiled eggs or fruits are a match made in heaven! A perfect breakfast will provide energy for the rest of the day. Good luck!
Basma A.
It's good to drink milk in the morning because it's reach if protein, but water is more important. You can drink both or just water , but u can't replace the water with the milk.
Storm U.
There's actually no limitations for what you drink in the morning! You can drink water to wake you up, then chase it with a fruit juice or a milk, or coffee, or anything really. I like peach infused tea or chocolate milk in the morning, but just water is fine too