What’s one combination breakfast you think everyone should try?

Adrian W.
A cup of orange yogurt with a combination of nuts and fruit chopping so top. Another one that I really recommend is making a nutritious smoothie with your favorite type of milk, banana and your favorite fruits. You can also put some greenies to the smoothie such as spinach, or add some seeds like chia seeds.
Eloane Y.
Crepes with Greek yogurt and red fruits is one of my favorite but you have time to prepare only in the weekend. Another combination is a tarte maison, home made with rabarbar jam, and hot coffee, that is fast, not too sweet and cuddling.
Brandon T.
Oatmeal with nuts and hot water. Very simple to make and provides you with fibre which is important in order to maintain a balanced diet
Eirini S.
Porridge with a teaspoon tahini, cinnamon, a teaspoon honey, your favourite fruit, favourote type of nuts, favourite type of seeds (my best is hemp seeds, no flavour but super nutritious). This is a light breakfast, full of all th important nutrients and keeps me full for a while.
Severo Q.
A combination breakfast to try is an egg, cheese & turkey bacon bagel. The top & bottom of the bagel is toasted then veggie cream cheese is smeared on the inside of each. A cooked egg is topped with a slice of cheese then topped with turkey bacon!
Marina Z.
Me personally, i enjoy eating granola with greek yogurt and honey and i also love eating rice crispies with tahini, you can eat it with peanut butter if you don't find tahini.
Isabella T.
I think fruit and yogurt is really just unbeatable. Like fruit salads maybe some granola or nuts or anything else you wanna add maybe use it to make a smoothie there’s just so much to do with fruit and yogurt. I recommend strawberry, peach or vanilla yogurt
Nicole B.
What I love and certainly gives me energy is s slice of toasted bread with tahini, honey and banana. I love adding some cinnamon as well. It gives me great energy and is sweet so my morning starts great.
Hans T.
I love avocado on slim bagels with tomato and paprika. And if I’m very hungry two boiled eggs, mashed with butter salt and pepper on the side of the bagels! Keeps me full until dinner!
Calvin U.
Maioritariamente, um pequeno almoço que não nos faça sentir cheios e mal mas um que nós faça sentir leves, satisfeitos e com energia. Continuo à procura do meu.
Kyra G.
Try an open faced breakfast sandwich with a slice of whole grain toast, 1/2 an avocado sliced, a small sliced tomato, and a pan fried egg. Salt and pepper. I love leaving the egg yolks a bit runny so the flavour mixes in with everything else, but it's a personal preference.
Moh B.
Milk, egg/chicken and water. Milk itself is a full meal, it has essential nutrients such as calcium, riboflavin and phosphorus. With egg or chicken which are rich in protein, you will boost up for your day.
Anya N.
Greek yogurt and homemade granola! Or homemade muesli! Or homemade smoothies with strawberry frozen yogurt, frozen fruit, a banana, orange juice, and maybe some dates and/or peanut butter.
Adele J.
I look for protein and healthy carbs. So in a rush I blend frozen fruit and veg with protein powder and a shot of either wheatgrass, spirulina, chia seeds, nuts, ginger or kelp.
Dora N.
Avocado toast (cut the avocado in half and smash it with a fork, then add salt&pepper to it)
Oatmeal with cacao and fruits (cook the oatmeal with water or milk and add a little cacao to it. The more % cacao has in the powder the more good it is. It contains antioxidants, which is good for your body, skin, even if you’re quitting smoking too)
Or try just a medium banana with some nuts.
Ricky J.
Whole bread with som sugar free jam (I personally love blueberry jam, it’s really good for your health, blueberry are full of vitamins, good for your liver and your heart but also for your immune system and they’re anti-oxidants) along with a orange or an apple, some walnuts and a cup of tea
But to make it special don’t forget some good poems too☺️
Reginald P.
One that fulfills hunger, is nutritious, provides long lasting energy, prevents cravings and fulfills fiber daily requirement needs. I love steel cut oatmeal 1/2 c soy or almond milk. After oatmeal is done I add blueberries, TBSP of ground flaxseed or flaxseed meal, TBSP of chia seeds, TBSP of psyllium, 2 TBSP of nut butter, 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract and 1 TBSP of cacao nibs. This provides 20 grams of fiber, 17 grams of protein and 562 calories.