What’s your go to breakfast on the run?

Keith E.
On school days when ibam in a hurry a tend to not eat, but if I could I would most likely eat morning biscuits. They are the best. And healthy

Emily N.
If i’m in a rush I’ll usually grab a protein bar and a bottle of water. Very filled and adds energy. Or i’ll make a protein shake and put it in my travel cup. If i have a little preparation time but i still need to go somewhere.. a protein shake and an english muffin or cinnamon toast is my go to. Always remember water as well.

Chutki F.
My go to breakfast on run is usually fruits or milk sometimes or u know some dryfruits that's it !
Thanks for ur question.😊

Franklin J.
Definitely a protein bar or breakfast bar. Not the healthiest but they typically have a bit of protein to keep you going until you can grab something else.

Esmee Z.
Most of the time that would be fresh fruit and nuts. Basically everything I don't need a fork, knife or spoon for, and that still is nutritious enough to get me going in the morning. If I know I will be in a rush the next morning, I also like to prepare stuff like overnight oats to take with me.