What is the healthiest high-protein breakfast that doesn’t require any cooking?

Angela E.
Hmmm… I have protein mixes that are good. I love chocolate, so I mix it with coconut milk or maybe add in some fruit or powdered nut butter. I have bought boiled eggs when I was traveling. I think I’ve found protein bars that were good too.

Gereon S.
Greek yogurt has a lot of protein. For an healthy no-cook breakfast I like to make a bowl of Greek yogurt with sugar free granola/muesli and fruit. It is delicious and full of energy!

Alondra Y.
I'm not sure how much protein, but I like to make overnight oats with a scoop of protein powder, nonfat Greek yogurt, and almond milk. Makes for a super filling breakfast. I make about three one day and just stick them in the fridge. They're ready in the morning when I need them 🙂 Best part is there are a lot of choices in flavoring and fruit toppings you can do to not get bored. Hope this helps!

Tonya P.
Avocado/guacamole on whole grain bread. Nuts & mixed Berries in Greek yogurt. No bake peanut butter oatmeal breakfast cookies/bars. Premade protein Shakes don't require cooking.

Felismino Q.
Well.im from a lil. Town so here i can't. Get like breakfast that doesn't require cooking…n yaa!! My mma gave me breakfast which is very healthy♥️ but…. I think oats n all are the highest protein like🤔

Emma U.
I like to have Greek yogurt with granola. It’s healthy and most importantly it keeps me energized all morning and I don’t find myself looking for food or a snack until it’s lunch time.

Katie W.
Good morning!! My favorite is oatmeal with flax, chia and almond or peanut butter (palm oil free/sugar free). Try adding a scoop of unflavored plant based protein powder ! If you do not want to microwave, prepare them in a mason jar as overnight oats, add some fresh fruit on top and some coconut or almond milk and enjoy cold! Oatmeal perfect fiber, flax is great omega 369!

Sarah P.
Quaker makes a high protein cranberry oatmeal that's delicious. Add water, pop it in the microwave for 2.5 minutes and walaaa!

Ryan U.
Peanut butter banana toast; Oatmeal with nuts and berries; you can also prep the night before so you don’t have to cook in the morning: make hard-boiled eggs, de-shell, refrigerate, then eat them in the morning for a quick protein-packed breakfast. Pair the latter with whole fruits, nuts, yogurt to make it feel nutritiously balanced.