What kind of breakfast do you eat if you are busy in the morning?

Coral X.
I’m not much of a breakfast person. However, I’ve been eating sausage, whole grain English muffin, and some type of fruit. I just started trying to switch to oatmeal because it is healthier but don’t know if I’ll be able to make the switch. Planning on trying it different ways in hopes I can find something that I will enjoy and stick with.
L A T.
I make overnight oats or have a high-fibre cereal like shredded wheat, weetabix or shreddies which take about a minute to make and you can have them so many different ways.
Dwight Z.
I usually prepare breakfast the day before and it's usually something simple. Buy frozen brocolli and vegetables. Just put them in the oven.
Zaido W.
If I'm in a rush I eat a bowl of cereals with peanut butter (maybe add a banana). Another idea is toasted bread with tomatoes and olive oil.
Sara W.
Well I’m actually fasting so quite don’t have breakfast but usually I’ll have a cold coffee or some eggs it actually depends on the mood
Chan Z.
If I'm busy in the morning, if I do have enough time to actually eat. I usually would have a cheese roll from the bakery and my coffee or sometimes, just my coffee.
Leo P.
This is a hard one because I usually skip it and I really should try to start eating breakfast! Hahah but I usually have some sort of pretzel or chips or an apple or banana or sometimes oatmeal.