How do you help yourself stick to a healthy breakfast when traveling?

Madelynn Z.
When you are traveling, you can bring oatmeal packets (dry) no matter if you are flying, driving etc. if you are going out you can look for the most nutritious option such as egg white omelets or oatmeal!❤️
Clayton U.
I'd try to choose between the various options I have. There is always some fresh fruit or some nuts I can grab, or maybe some eggs or fresh yogurt. Even thought our usual breakfast is not possible, we can think about the most similar option we can have with what we have available.
If I know that none of these options will be available, I may think of bringing with me something from home.
Kelly O.
I think the first step is to accept that you might not have a healthy breakfast EVERY day. Your only goal should be to have one when you can, even if it's just a granola bar or an apple. I remember, if you can't, its completely fine.
Lya Y.
I dont travel much, but i can think of healthy options like having a cup of milk or tea or orange juice with whatever healthy choices i can have , ex: cereal / yogurt and fruits
Kasey O.
At first I found it difficult, my job sent me all across my country but we always stayed in bagpackers where fridges and cupboards were available. So it made it alot easier, but we also had the trouble of getting up and starting earlier. I find it easy to start small and simple, only plan for a few days so go shoppping a few times a week if possible. Breakfast is the easiest some fruit and muesli, if fresh fruit isn't an opportunity go for low in sugar dried fruits and nuts to add to the muesli (even yoguhurt if you feel the need to add some excitement) if its a situation where it's not really possible to go shopping every few days just get a lot of sealable containers (tuppereare) and plan out each days meals. There are the options of chilly bins/bags but its difficult to keep that lasting for long periods of time hence why I say keep it simple and easy cause you can still be healthy with alternative food options so be adventurous.
Karl U.
I ensure a consistent habit of preparing for my breakfast the night before- an apple, an egg and banana and if possible, a fish to go along with it.
Thea C.
Keep it simple – fresh fruits, porridge, pot of yoghurt. The simpler, the better! Also, depending on situation, if you have a hotel buffet available, just follow your normal breakfast routine, but of course, don’t forget to treat yourself. It is not like everyday someone is cooking for you 😉
Hailey N.
Plan your meals/have recipes that will be simple before you leave, then try your best, you dont need to eat great every single day of your life, if there just isnt time or the resources you need, try again the next day 🙂
Debol Y.
Lucky, I haven’t had to work this week in the mornings, however, if I was in this situation I would grab fruits such as bananas and any kind of nuts you like and eat that on the go. Or make a sandwich the night before that I can eat cold.
Jen F.
I usually try to make something before I leave, with enough for however many days I'll be gone. One of my favorites is omelette muffins, which is just a hearty omelette made in a muffin tin. Add whatever you want, and you've got a grab and go breakfast whenever you need it, and you can freeze the extra or throw them in the fridge. Perfect!
Emily C.
If it’s a hotel, you can pick the healthier food from the variety of choice that hotels usually offer. If you’re staying at the Airbnb you still can buy healthy food at the grocery stores or visit cafes with a healthier attitude.
Naomi Y.
Well I think of my body and how I will feel after I eat something that wouldn’t be so good for me vs eating something that is a healthier choice.