Do you make your breakfast by yourself or does someone make it for you?

Carmen P.
Well usually I make breakfast but every now and again my children boy(16) or my daughter ( 24)will see a recipe and they will prep dinner with my help of course. Even though they may watch the video they still need assistance with cooking. In my son's school he took a cooking class. So he makes a mean chicken Alfredo. But my daughter still has some progress to make. Most of her meals are debatable( sometimes they can be okay and sometimes not so much). So it all depends but mostly it is me. They love my food( most of the time)! I hope this helps you on your journey
Rana N.
I make my breakfast everyday by myself, I try to eat two eggs everyday sometimes it make it omlet with cheese or just boiled eggs it doesn't matter how I eat it as long as I eat eggs, with it of course I eat other things, I like to eat honey and butter or honey and jam sometimes tahin with molasses.
I keep my breakfast healthy and energetic.
Timmothy F.
I make breakfast by myself. My weekday breakfasts are different than my weekend breakfasts. During the weekday, I alternate between overnight oats/flaxseeds/fruit and overnight chia seeds/yogurt/fruit. Saturday I make what we call “big breakfast.” It’s more of a traditional American breakfast (eggs/bacon/French toast/corn beef hash/bagels & cream cheese etc). On Sundays I fast until after 1pm. Occasionally, I let my kiddo make breakfast. He’s 14 and needs the practice for when he’s out on his own. I usually have him make dinner on the weekends instead of breakfast because dinner is more difficult.