How do you find the energy to care about breakfast?

Ashley T.
I don’t find the energy. I make a plan later in the day for tomorrow and make it as easy as possible to execute when I wake up.

I set out my bowl and spoon, put the ingredients where they’re easy to find, and keep it simple!

Audron Z.
The first thing that I do before breakfast is I drink water. Water wakes me up fully and gives me some energy to make breakfast.
Bertold U.
I usually can't eat a lot in the morning for some reason. That's why I eat something small, like a fruit or a slice of bread, and then I eat a bigger meal a few hours later. I don't think that it is my breakfast that gives me energy to do anything. For me everything is mental. I am mentally ill and some days it's hard to care about anything. But, doing small routine things, like eating breakfast or exercising a bit, helps me stay grounded and gives me a boost to be more productive. I don't know if I really answered your questions but I tried.
Isadora S.
Luckily I am a morning person and I don't mind eating the same thing everyday so I eat a lot of oatmeal with frozen berries and microwave eggs with salsa on a tortilla. Also I try to eat breakfast outside every day so it makes it really special no matter what I eat.
Kayleigh J.
I didn't used to care about breakfast, in fact I avoided it. I started to get into breakfast the first time I tried the Fabulous app a few years ago. The trick for me was to find something really delicious, a treat that I can have with my tea or coffee. I have a kettle by my bed because I really, really struggle with mornings. For me it's peanut breakfast biscuits dunked in tea or coffee. Then after a while I switch it up to something more healthy and only have the biscuits when I reeaally don't want to get out of bed.
Kay N.
I allow myself to go to Starbucks on those days I don’t want to make something. But also I premake eggs and croissants and sausage and bacon for the week. Prep is key and as much as I don’t like cooking all day, I need to care about my health so I prep…. most of the time:)

If your not hungry wake up drink water, meditate and do yoga then you will be hungry.

Владислава Иванова N.
I really don't; it's sort of a habit I guess?? I just know that if I don't eat now then I'll want to and have to later, and it'll distract me from work, and I'll have to go to cafeteria and I don't like public places… So for me it comes down to choosing the lesser evil. Discouraging as it sounds, I don't see it in that way, cuz why velify your necessities?
Morris U.
I make sure that it is convenient to get to, doesnt require much effort, and that I have a quiet clean space somewhere in my home to enjoy it for a long time. The reward is getting to sit down and not do anything or worry for an hour or so – sometimes with a book, TV show, or video game.
Shwepz Q.
Knowing that I won't have headaches or be as tired by midmorning. I know I'll make better food choices later in the day when I eat breakfast to be more full for longer.
Heinz Willi E.
I schedule the right time to get up to motivate myself and my hunger. If this does not work, a oat, banana, peanut butter, milk smoothie. Some tea and an apple. Is a quick way to get where I need to go.
Mina C.
I have my last meal at 6pm and have a light breakfast around 11- 12 in the afternoon, after I have done my exercise. As you can imagine I am starving. Plus, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day.
Eli C.
One can easily start a simple breakfast habit, don't make it 'a big thing'. When you speak about "finding the energy" I get the feeling you are overcomplicating things in your head. Stop that train of thoughts and use that time to just start taking care of yourself in the morning!
Christina T.
My body makes me care. For me, if I go too long without food in the morning (especially if I'm exercising in the morning) I get a headache. The kind of headache that requires food and medicine to go away. Also I find I'm more sluggish without food in the morning and my mind isn't as sharp.
Simon W.
Preparing myself a good breakfast is a way of me taking care of myself. How can I show my children self care and self respect if I don't manage it for myself.
Ali P.
I don't. It's an active choice I have to make. If I waited until I had enough energy to care about breakfast I would never eat. However, I joined Fabulous to change my habits and my life. That means making a commitment to eating a healthy breakfast every day, even when I don't want to or don't have the energy. Even if it just means I get to check off a box and hear the victory chime. Over time, you won't have to worry about finding the energy to care about breakfast because your routine will be so engrained in your day that you won't be able to avoid caring about breakfast! Small steps, big picture. Now make yourself a healthy breakfast and take on your day.
Bonnie T.
I know that eating a good breakfast is going to make my morning easier. I'll be less cranky and able to enjoy my time. I look forward to eating food that I like and that is good for me. Almost every morning I'll have egg and avocado on toast and a smoothie or parfait with it. I think caring about breakfast is a shift in perspective: "How will this effect future me". The answer is, if I don't eat a good breakfast, it's going to hurt future me. I also recommend buying food that you get excited about and enjoy preparing, if you're able. Take it slow, too. Grab a banana one day. Another day, make toast. It doesn't have to be overnight that you start to shift!
Lyna Y.
It is hard at first but I think about why I am doing it and I eat breakfast because it gives me energy and it gives me a chance to explore different foods
Esperanza Z.
Your self care first thing in the morning is important because it affects your behavior. Do you notice your attitude is dependent on how you feel (even hunger)? Beginning the day feeling content will allow you to focus on the tasks of the day and personal relationships than your hunger and how you feel.
Peyton C.
Meal prep when i have the time and energy rather than waiting till the morning and might be running late and run out of time. If it is already prepped and ready to go all i have to do is grab and go to help stay on track.
Marie Luise R.
Come up with small quick breakfast that's a care minimum, and can work as a base for when you feel like eating more later on, mine was yogurt. As long as you eat something healthy everyday, even if it's just a piece of fruit, it's enough to solidify the habit, and then you can add on to it later
Herman F.
I usually eat a light dinner I guess, because I'm always hungry enough when I wake up that I don't want to skip it. If I'm short on time I grab a banana and protein shake with milk instead of water so I get enough nutrients to make it to lunch time.