Any ideas for a healthier breakfast when there’s limited time and I fancy something sweet?

Aubin O.
I think you should try :

-smoothie bowl : mix in your blender fruit tha you like with milk/water and honey/stevia. Then, put the smoothie to the bowl. In the end, add to the top some topings like: oat seeds, nuts, fruits,raspberries, cranberries etc.
Hope you like my idea!! Send me more questions! I 'd like to answer you my opinions❤️

Brittany F.
A smoothie. Make it the night before and you can make enough for one or 3 days worth of quick, healthy, yummy, sweet as you want breakfast
Miriam F.
You could try low fat live yoghurt with fresh fruit sliced into it – or berries sprinkled into it with a bit of granola that's seed heavy.
Meghan C.
Try meal prepping and putting together overnight oats. Mix oats, fresh berries, a splash of honey and almond milk. Leave in the fridge over night. Throw a few more fresh berries on top and enjoy!
Megan Y.
TRY not to focus on whether your breakfast is “healthy”. This creates the idea that certain foods are good or bad. Leading to disordered eating. What are you craving? If it’s something sweet and quick, I always LOVE poptarts, cereal, yogurt, fruit, gronola bars! Whatever you crave, listen to it. Your body knows what’s best for you. Food = energy. No matter how much sugar it has. Sugar
is not an enemy!
Olivia F.
Try some outmeal/porridge mixed in with some honey or my absolute favourite with a bit of hot chocolate powder! Sounds a bit odd but I swear by it and it also indulges my sweet tooth. Natural yogurt with some hot chocolate powder sprinkled on top is also delicious. Good luck 🙂
Marike I.
My new mantra is, if I fancy something sweet, I eat a fruit. It seems to work 🙂 So how about adding banana to your cereal? Or have a handful of raisins? Homemade granola bars/crunchies with honey is also a good alternative. Now that I am thinking about it, I am going to make some this afternoon!
Sancho Q.
Maybe you can freeze fruits eg.banana, strawberries etc take yogurt in the morning and blend it with you fruits .if too thick put any milk that you like but dont put too much otherwise it will get watery put it in a bottle then you are ready to go 😁😁🙃🙃🙃
Blue Z.
A scoop of Greek yogurt (full day, so it fills you up) and a handful of trail mix with dried fruit is my quickest choice. Do the mix with the chocolate chunks for your sweet tooth
Hakey N.
I think peanut butter toast with banana and nutmeg and cinnamon is delish and slightly sweet! Chia pudding is an idea. Overnight oats.
Hawk I.
Overnight Oats.

Get porridge oats in a smallish pot or jar, add half water and half fruit juice (alter to taste). Put in fridge.

It's sweet, you can literally grab it and go with a spoon if you're late, and it's got no morning setup time, just the time the night before.