What are some of your go-to easy to grab breakfasts?

Janette U.
Smoothie with almond milk and protein powder base then chuck in whatever else you like or have handy… fruit, nuts, seeds, spinach, avocado …. but not all at the same time 😉

Harshavany N.
When I'm in a hurry I usually go for a banana or apple if I had more time means I prepare oatmeal with some nuts and dry fruits by myself.

Keith C.
When I have to go somewhere early, I prep a boiled egg, a banana, and some oat cakes the night before, sometimes adding a few nuts or dried fruit. And a nice fill water bottle and my travel mug ready to make tea.

Jefferson R.
I need to get better about easy grab breakfast. Currently I have a hot breakfast to give me time to sit down and process what needs to happen that day and taking something fast seems to disrupt that ritual

Sara V.
Whole wheat toast with peanut butter is so quick and easy when I have to leave the house quickly! I also like to shake up a chocolate protein powder with added fiber and powdered greens with some almond milk or water for a really fast meal to go! Keeps me full!

Hobgob N.
I grab one item from every food group in the morning. It may be a slice of whole grain bread plain, a bite of a sausage, a few cherries or whatever fruit, a scoop of yogurt, or whatever is available from each food group that day. The key for me is variety, quick to grab, and it doesn’t have to taste good together. My way is not perfect but it serves me well personally. Hope this helps!

Vicky P.
I put oats with yoghurt, milk, fruit and nuts in the fridge overnight. By the morning it's yummy and ready to go! There are lots of flavour combinations to try, search for overnight oats on Pinterest

Arine N.
A veggie bowl of cut celery, baby carrots and grape tomatoes. If I am on the go I grab a healthy fruit and grain bar or make a green veggie drink.

אסנת רביד-עמיר N.
Banana and nuts, apple with peanut butter, whole wheat bread with avocado/nut butter, oatmeal berries porridge with fruit and nuts. Hope this helps 🙂 good luck!

Billie T.
1.Boiled egg , toast with peanut butter and coffee.
2.Mashed potato with onions and cilantro.
3.Fruits or home made fruit juice with yogurt.
4. Cucumber,egg and cottage cheese.
5. Simple chia pudding.
6. Overnight oats.

Victoria C.
Fruits are always easy to grab and fast to prepare. Grab a bunch of fruits and cut them into bite sizes (or any size of your liking) and put them in a plate or a jar if you’re going out.
Also, my go to breakfast with little preparation time is a smoothie. Always keep frozen fruits in the freezer to use. Grab A cup of any fruit of your liking throw it in the blender with a 1/4 cup of milk and 3 Tbs of yoghurt (you can add more milk if it’s too thick).
I hope that helps.

Hugh J.
Chia pudding with berries and sometimes made with organic Greek yogurt. Home made eggs benny.
Veggies most frittata.
Last night's leftover supper.
Protein smoothie.

Claire Y.
I like an omelet with zucchini and mushrooms . Sometimes I make fruit salad with apples and another fruits I have at home. I don't like tea or coffee at the morning, so I usually drink water

Marie E.
I just througgt some nuts and dried fruit into a bowl and add yogurt. If I have the time, I cut some fresh bananas or a peach.

Francisco F.
Vegan protein shake with frozen blueberries, powdered greens balance, almond milk, fiber boost & digestion plus, all from the 30 DHL Program

Isabella X.
Some of my quick, grab and go breakfasts are most likely a Nature Valley bar or a banana. I choose these because they aren’t to heavy on the stomach and at those times when I need to have a quick breakfast it’s most likely caused by me needing to go to basketball.

Sanne I.
I usually make a smoothie the night before and let it stay in the fridge. You also can can do that with overnight outs (dont know how you write it.) So that you cab grav it fast and eat/drink it. Sometimes I take a sliece of break and put some ham and cumconver on it. That is fast and tasty. You also can make dutch pancakes.
3 Medium eggs
1 liter milk
0,5 kilo flour (every flour you want)
Mix the eggs and fliur tegother with a little bit of the milk.

Ruth N.
Some of my go-to breakfast is some cereal. If I have a little time I'll make some eggs, toast, and pour myself some orange juice. If I'm running out of the door I grab a pb&j, some applesauce, and an energy drink like gatorade.

Cathy F.
Usually I pack my breakfast in my lunch box and eat at work. However, I like perfect bars, fruit and if I have planned ahead muffins for breakfast too.

Michelle T.
I like to eat :
chicken sandwich
Veg sandwich
Eggs & Toast
Smoothie Bowl
Cereal + Milk
Idli + chutney
Sabudana khichdi
Aloo Paratha

Shruti F.
See, I am a vegetarian so I most probably have those ready to grab breakfast that we have in India like the poha, Maggi and things like that.
Sometimes we have sandwiches and bread butter alongside the tea and sometimes the sprouts and the juice of bittergaurd do that favor to us.

Elia I.
Mash half a banana with one raw egg and half a deciliter of oats. Add 1/2 or 1 deciliter water and a pinch of salt. Mix gott a spoon until smooth. Microwave for 1/2-2 min in high heat. Top your banana oatmeal pudding with fruits and nuts of your choice, yoghurt or just enjoy it as it is😊

Margaret P.
I like making little scrambled egg muffins (just eggs and some veggies baked in a muffin pan) and granola bars. That way I can get my energy to start the day while walking out the door.

Junilvana S.
An easy breakfast for me would be toast, fruit, and milk, but I usually just have eggs and sriracha sauce with strawberry jam toast, an apple or banana, and occasionally a few strawberries; and a glass of milk.

Julie I.
A healthy, organic, low sugar, instant oatmeal. I use my teapot for hot water for my oatmeal. I have a small glass of plant based milk with that & I have hot tea steeping while I eat breakfast!

Sandro Z.
Yoghurt, bananna, honey and muesli with orange juice. You can put the yoghurt with honey in a cup in the fridge in de evening before bed and in the morning you only have to mix the muesli and banana in it and pore a glass of orange juice.