How can I make it happen in busy days?! I do try to eat vegan breakfasts but it means that I need to prepare ahead of time!

Germana I.
When you start to eat your evening meal, try to make your breakfast ready. If vegan foods cause problems due to busy timetables, i recommend firstly taking it in small steps, not turning into vegetarian in one night. I hope this helps, im not a professional 😀

Amanda N.
Personally,I use a produce delivery service to ensure that I have fresh fruit around all the time,I also keep frozen fruits on hand to blend with almond milk for a quick smoothie.

Alana E.
Be mindful of your life and how it flows. If preparing ahead of time is what’s needed and you don’t want to do that then this may not be the right time for you to take that on. Maybe you need to simplify your process for eating Vegan. It is also possible that if this is the right time then you may need to edit your responsibilities in other areas so that you will have time to adopt this Vegan lifestyle. Last thing to consider, Are you going Vegan because you really want to or because you feel it’s what’s expected of you. When it’s proper timing then things just flow.

Asta Y.
Meal prepping is the key for success in the mornings. Egg muffins or overnight oats or smoothies are the best. If you have a little time to cook in the morning I throw a slice of bread in the toaster, whip 2 eggs with real bacon pieces and a little cheese into a pam sprayed bowl in the microwave for 2 minutes. Easiest breakfast and doesn’t taste like fake eggs either.

Princess P.
Time management is the key for me. You could also think of ways in which you can shorten the time in which you do things, cut up some time, and gather all the time you've cut and insert it into your vegan meal prep OR you could prioritize more the things that really matters for you and things that are of more importance, you can leave off the things that are of less priority and then do them once you're not busy anymore.

Biba W.
You can do batch cooking during the weekend or when you have time. There is many video on YouTube for vegan batch cooking / easy and quick meals for breakfast / lunch and dinner 🙂
Good luck

Prav R X.
I keep some quick cooking oats nuts and berries for busy days.another thing is to freeze ziploc bags with smoothie ingredients to throw in the blender for a quick smoothie.

Shelly N.
Try to have everything prepared in advance. I cook once a week and freeze the meals for all week. This give me a lot of time during the busy days.

Emma E.
Well, yes, we have to think one step forward, theres no miracles 😉 In such cases I try to think of eating like about breathing, or like about fuel in the car – no food, no move, no good food – poor move. It helps me most of time 🙂

Niklas U.
It‘s great that you are trying. It‘s a good idea to have an easy and fast backup plan, if you have been to busy to prepare the breakfast the evening before. Maybe think about a vegan breakfast-smoothie, you can mix together in five minutes, if you haven‘t prepared anything beforehand. I always try to have the stuff at home that I may need for this kind of backup-meal.

Hilton G.
Try to find out how much time you need to prepare for the breakfast and then you can wake up earlier to get your day started. That's what I do and it works out for me

Amnaalharrasi N.
I think the most important thing is to ask yourself why I started this?! Why I want it? What is my initial aims? How can doing this affect my achievements in the long term? When you ask your self again and again the roots of your reason will appear which will make everything your decided possible.

Bobby O.
Its better to do it the day before because it will save you more time to get ready in the morning and its better if it can be eaten in a car or when walking

Dajana F.
well, u have to schedule ur time, for example i have my phone full of alarms. Even 5 and 5 minutes haha. Remember some days can be very stressful w trying to have a healthy schedule

Janna G.
Prepare ahead of time. Make it part of your routine. Making it is as much as a habit as eating it. You can also choose an easy one that doesnt require preparation. Fruits, nuts, etc.

Pamela O.
Breakfast does not have to be the regular bread oatmeal etc… you can quickly reheat something vegan from yesterday's meal. If you have rice from last night, you can add that to an instant package miso soup. Fruit can be cut up the evening before. Set the table night before.

Mitzy Q.
I personally would prepare whatever I can the night before and then I would wake up earlier than usual to get my special breakfast ready. 😊

Kailane Z.
Keep it simple look for things that are easily available ahead of time could also be protein bars garb and go muffin breakfasts. Filling delicious breakfasts go a long way

Alper T.
I watched a video a few years ago, it might help you. A pro bodybuilder was going to market to buy food for one week and preparing the meals for the whole week on the weekends, he was putting them (for each meal) in different containers and keeping them in the refrigerator. This might not work for some vegetables.
The other thing is you can look for some easy, quick, and healthy recipes to prepare in the evenings for the next morning.
I agree, it isn't easy to prepare meal for every day, but I am sure you can figure it out if you focus only on the question of "how" instead of questioning whether it's possible for you or not. Don't think negatively. That's the only way to find the solution.

Mariella Z.
A bit annoying but the simple answer is to prepare ahead of time! If you’re really committed then you need to make the time 💚

Mar P.
I do it in the morning but it take some time. I do my bread during the night (bread machine) and it’s ready when i wake up. Then i do a natural juice, coffee and go!

Delia Z.
You can prepare them the night before eggs and veggies for various days and have breakfast for various days ahead of time

Jennifer J.
One solution for healthy breakfast is to prepare oats or chia and fruit. Vegans can use non dairy milk. I find that powdered coconut milk is fantastic and you can keep frozen barrier. Just put oats or chia, powdered coconut milk and berries in a transportable container, add water and leave overnight. In the morning you have a delicious healthy creamy desert to eat at home or take with you.

Valdecira P.
Don’t put to much pressure on yourself to eat the perfect thing (something I myself am learning). Having nuts and fresh fruit on hand is the easiest and fastest way to get food in your system in the morning. They take no prep work! If you have time to meal prep, making egg cups (with vegan egg substitute, vegan cheese, veggies and/or crumble) is one of my favorite grab and go morning meals. I will make a dozen in a muffin tin (1 “egg” per tin + filling of your choice, bake for 30+ minutes at 350°F). They taste great cold or warm up quickly in a microwave. Good luck!

Diana F.
Sometimes preparing the night before is a great way to be certain that even if you’re running late or something it will take less than two minutes to prepare. A smoothie for example, place the fruit, veggies nuts, grains or whatever into the blender the night before, find the container you’re gonna put it in and have it out on the counter and in the morning all you have to do is add milk, blend pour and enjoy your smoothie on your way to work or whererever. And you could do this with almost any quick breakfast meal that you need on the go. I hope this helped😊

Bria N.
Meal prep! Pick quick and easy things like quinoa and veggies like sweet potatoes, kale and superfoods. Smoothies, if you can have them are also amazing so keep some fresh and frozen ingredients as well as granola and protein bars always always on hand!

V Ctor P.
You can have prepared muesly 0 sugar with milk and a great orange! Good enough, but during that day remember to eat more fruit.

Emma U.
Prepare what you need to make your breakfast before you go to bed, or any time you are free. You can also try preparing a simple vegan breafast, like a fruit salad or a smoothie made with vegan alternatives. Good luck! 🙂

Sultan V.
In days that you know that it'll be busy, one need to prepare in advance or in the evening, so that it can be more easier to accomplish. But if busy day came suddenly and you couldn't be prepare to it – improvise. One could exercise in the way to work and order good breakfast from internet, or get fruit with yogurt and some nuts from near store.

Kanderienia Z.
meal prep is daunting but its so helpful . prep your meals for the week so its easy to get going . im new to this as well

Amber L.
Magic Spoon cereal is low calorie high protein, vegan and keto friendly! Its low sugar too so I don't have any crashes. I have their cinnamon cereal with ripple milk (vegan) and half a banana sliced up in it. Its a great tasty breakfast and has no prep work! The ripple adds a bit more protein as well 🙂

Volkhard U.
You can prepare simple things that simply need to be dumped in a container, like nuts, berries, granola.
I prepare vegetables on Sundays, when I have the time, so there easy to use in quick snack meals and cooking dinner. It saves me a lot of time.

Yalda S.
Oh yes, you can use vegan protein bars for example if you are in rush or for a quik breakfast 🙂
Also you can have a banana as a source of good nutrition and energy in the morning.
I hope this helps.

Nathan P.
Preparing food in advance is best. Sunday is a great time to make all of your food and secure it in reusable containers.

Harvey U.
You can try simpler meals that involve shorter prep time. Smoothie ingredients in bags left in the fridge or freezer so you can blend them in the morning. Or overnight oats where you plan the night before. Good vegan meals don’t have to be complicated or hard.

Emma I.
Go to the store, get all your supplies for the week, then pick a day to make all the meals (make sure you're not busy), and store them in your fridge. TADAA!!! glad i could help 🙂

Athina B.
That is true, maybe you should organize the food during the week, for example you can make healthy snacks and save it in the fridge so as to eat it during the week, or you can make healthy snacks that dont take much time, like a healthy sandwich 🥪, or fruits with yogurt and corn flakes , these snacks are made really fast.

Dana U.
You can prepare the night before a jar with what you find healthy (nuts, cut fruits and more), that way, you have it ready, you just need to get it out from the refrigerator and add so yogurt to it!

Sandra Z.
What about preparing the night before so it's easy to grab and eat in the morning. You get the food you want even when you're busy.

Katherine Y.
My go-to is meal prepping on days that I know I have more time to do so!! That way I’m busy days you’ve got a few meals prepared already so you can stick to whatever meal plan you like 🙂 hope this helps

Rosemary N.
Meal prepping would be your best answer. It is super hard to eat healthily with little time on your hands. Prepping ahead of time whenever you have a free day once a week will allow you to get ahead. Whether that day be a Saturday or a Sunday. Meal prep for the following week and you will decrease any food related stress in your life!!!