What`s a good quick breakfast idea?

Elsa J.
i love yogurt with fruit or a banana (i like to add chia seeds for some healthy fats). whole wheat toast with peanut butter or avocado is super quick too. on days when i’m cold i like to make some instant oatmeal with nuts on top.
R Pio Q.
Museli cups that I make the night before with yoghurt, museli and fruit/berries. I make these the night before and then they're ready to go when I'm in a rush in the morning
Katie F.
Egg, cheese , and muffin sandwich: literally a five minute deal. I utilize the oven’s broiler to toast my muffin, timer set to 4 mins. Meanwhile I’m heating a small skillet and some butter or olive oil to cook the egg. I like to flip my egg to cook the yolk, about 2 mins in. Once the timer goes off, then turn off the oven, and move & tur
Eva E.
I like baking mini egg frittata muffins, loaded with veggies and a non-dairy pesto, once a week so that they're ready to go and I can decide if I'm hungry for 2 or 3. Other pre-prepped breakfasts I like are chia pudding, grain-free muffins, and breakfast bars, but the frittatas are the highest in veggies and lowest in sugar.
Dana O.
My fav lately is a protein shake with an apple. I've tried to make cooked breakfasts a thing, but I'm trying to be more realistic with a meal I can actually make and eat every morning.
Auguste E.
I try to keep oatmeal at my job so if im running late i just make some in a cup
Ian Z.
I’ve been eating finger foods, turkey bacon and almonds with either a stick of cheddar or some frozen raspberries
Alexander Y.
I try to use peanut butter in some way. Apples/peanut butter. Half of bagel/peanut butter. Celery/peanut butter. Whole peeled (like an orange) grapefruit/cheese. Get what you can prepare ahead done the night before.

Rosano Z.
Strangely, I like having a tin of boneless, skinless sardines packed in olive oil on toast. This provides a high protein meal and a good dose of omega-3s.
Kate Q.
Oatmeal! It's a slow-burning carb, and you can add all kinds of goodness to make it delicious! It's a quick few minutes in the microwave, or overnight, and it can be eaten on the go.
Jerry R.
I eat an apple, a banana, mixed beans and peppers with turmeric, chili powder, chopped garlic sautéed in vegan butter, and cayenne. I also drink a liter of water.
Hans Herbert O.
I like Nature Made instant oatmeal w flax topped w\ blueberries, strawberries or a banana. Quick microwaved egg on Marathon Bread from Wegman’s is a fav. The bread is nutty and seedy.
Corina F.
Make yourself some hard boiled eggs the night before, so you can just grab them. A little salt and pepper, then half a pita or flatbread with some peanut butter, add a banana or another quick fruit and it’s the perfect breakfast for heading out the door. Whole process takes only a few mins.
Artur X.
Jimmy Dean Turkey sausage, egg, English muffin — lower in fat and OK protein/carb ratio. I usually eat with an apple if I am still hungry. This is great for grab-and-go