How to take breakfast if you awake late and have no time?

Patr Cio N.
You prepare grab and go breakfast items so even if you are running late you still have something wholesome and nutritious to take with you
Tristan A.
Meal prep helps a great deal. I boil eggs and stock up on nuts and fruits on the weekend. That way of there's no time to cook, I can still grab a few items for a healthy start
Louna Y.
Grab something within reach in your fridge, even if it doesn’t seem like something that would go together get creative and just smash something together! You might find something you like or interesting by doing so.
Jeppe Z.
Boil some eggs twice per week and keep them in the fridge. Throw them in a baggy on the way out if Im in a hurry. If not I can enjoy them on some whole meal toast with some avacado.
Imre C.
In that case, I'll have a banana or apple with me and eat that while on road 😅 if I can manage a bit more time, then I'll have some coffee and toast also….that's it.
Emil W.
Breakfast necessarily doesn't need much of your time. In case you are super late in morning, have a fist of nuts on the go and you are good. But make sure not to make this a habit
Adema G.
Make something quick to snack on like a toast with spread or nuts and have a bigger lunch soon after. Or if you have time to run in to a shop and buy a ready smoothie or grab a yoghurt if you have one. always stock up on granola bars or something healthy that doesn’t need to be cooked in case you have one of those rushing mornings. One of my favs is also to have frozen fruits and put them in a zip log bag and eat on the way. Works with dry fruits too!
Jordan U.
If you find that this is something that happens often, then buy the quick oats that you can microwave. Then grab an apple and banana on your way out. Quick, cheap, easy, and healthy. They also make scrambled egg cups that have sausage and cheese. All you have to do is microwave it.
Natalie I.
If you have nothing prepped it's a good idea to have simple nutritious foods at your disposal. For example, nuts, seeds, trail mix, juice, fruits like apples or bananas. These things are easy to grab and eat on the go.
Mujan A.
I guess you can make your breakfast the night before, maybe a sandwich with peanut butter and banana and honey,or a protein shake in a bottle,so you can eat and drink on the way.
Matt J.
grab something that doesn't take any preparation and only requires one hand to eat. a croissant, a banana, or even a healthy granola bar can be a great choice!
Ava Z.
I would suggest always have something available that you can grab and go with. Fruits like banana, apples, grapes put a fruit bowl the night before. I have noticed that preparing things for the next day is best in case you are late. For example on a sunday when i cook it will be for at least 3 days. Before i consume these meals i would be planning what to do for the two remaining work days.