I need to know other protein based food that is good for breakfast, especially from tropical country since there is where I am living now. We are not familiar with nuts actually so it will be hard to find nuts or almond for breakfast.

Ra W.
Good sources of protein for breakfast include eggs, a glass of milk, beans, and sausage. I make some type of grain (quinoa, rice, etc), add veggies and scrambled eggs & make a breakfast bowls sometime. You can also use tropical fruits to make smoothies with milk an added protein powder. Hope this helps!

Mair A.
Eggs are a great choice. They have 7 gm of protein per egg as well as many other nutrients. Read

I found it very informative.

Clara X.
Well, I’m from Curacao and I’m a student so i don’t really have time to eat a big breakfast because school starts at 7:30. But what i can recommend is a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I find it an amazing balance between protein, fruits and carbs. And that is what I find a delicious breakfast. But I normally eat a sunny side up egg and grilled ham on toast. It al depends on the person.

Richard G.
Eggs are also full of protein and a great way to start the day, you could try scrambling a few and having it on toast. Nuts certainly aren't the only option.

Silas C.
Do you have access to eggs or beans? Either of those I’ve found are working for me while I’m building this habit. I eat a bean salad or a few eggs

Charlotte P.
2 ingredient banana pancakes r full of nutrients, 2 eggs and one banana in the pancakes, mashed up and in a frying pan! U could add protein powder for added protein

Sofi X.
Does it have to be protein based? Typical swedish breakfast doesn't involve that much protein for breakfast, I think the most common thing to eat is hat a sandwich with butter and something else (like a slice of cheese or ham or vegetable) maybe some oatmeal porridge and if you're lucky boiled eggs. I try to eat just something like an apple or overnight oats that I made the day before.
I'm sorry if this is not the answer you're looking for but I'm also vegan so I get protein for lunch and dinner instead 😂

Favoured T.
You can try pulses beans and lentils. Other foods include eggs, chicken breast, cheese, meat, milk, Greek yogurt, oats and cottage cheese.

Kurt Y.
No, they might be costly for some. Being from Pnw, hazelnuts and almonds are easy to find. Nuts are a big part of my diet.

Abby U.
Hello! Here are some protein-based ideas, other than meat and eggs: kale and lentil breakfast bowl, sweet potato and lentil hash, quinoa egg muffins with spinach, ‘cinnamon toast’ quinoa bars, white bean shakshuka, three-bean stew topped with eggs, black bean breakfast tacos or quesadilla with mango salsa, zucchini tofu scramble, greek yoghurt parfait, hummus toast topped with seeds, protein powder pancakes topped with tahini butter, protein smoothie, chia pudding.
Hope that helps!

B Rtil Q.
I do not know much about nutrition however I do know that eggs contain protein and taste very delicious especially with cheese.

Pela H.
My go to breakfast is always eggs. In various options (scrambled, omlette…). They are high in proteins and keep you full longer. Try mixing them with various vegetables.
Try also cereal (oatmeal) with yogurt and fruits (bananas are high in protein).

Lester U.
I'm not quite sure because I mainly eat eggs and bacon for breakfast but you could eat an acai bowl but other then that I don't really know sorry.

Bruna J.
For breakfast I usually eat a bread made of eggs and oatmeal (2 eggs and 2 spoons of oatmeal), mix it, put a little salt and a little yeast. Microwave it for 3 minutes. Ready