I don’t like to eat breakfast. I don’t get hungry until around 9:30 am. I hungrier all day when I eat breakfast. What should I do?

Naina P.
Then eat food that gives you a filled feeling. You should find something you love and which makes you forget about food for like the next five hours.
For that, you can try full-fruit smoothies early morning. My favourite is apple-banana smoothie. You can try Granola without milk. It's full of fibre, it's sweet and tasty.
If you want to go for something more simple and budget friendly, you'd want to try raw carrots, red ones; or bread and butter, but not sandwiches.

Now, to keep this filled feeling throughout the day, you must keep drinking water every hour. Sometimes we just think we're hungry but some water's actually enough to keep us going.

Patricia U.
You should eat a healthy and light breakfest. It's important to your health. And when you start with little breakfest, then you can later eat more when you are hungry at morning, but still it has ro be healthy and light.
Abbie G.
It happens to a lot of people, and it happens to me, too, but if you're not hungry in the morning before you go to work, then take your healthy breakfast with you and eat it in the middle of the morning.
Eric E.
I would recommend that you try a light breakfast right when you wake up and then you can eat more at 9:30 as almost a brunch
Nagasudha X.
You should try and have a lighter food if you don't wanna or don't have time. If you do get hungrier try something less filling like a protein bar or a smoothie. Hope this helps 😊
Hirondino Z.
In my opinion, it is better to eat nutritious and useful breakfasts, no matter how much you eat, there is no problem, but keep eating breakfast until you get used to it.
Villads P.
You can perhaps try starting your day by doing othee things first like go exercising for abit, do simple chores, then you can go take a shower. This method works for me so far, you can give it a try.