What’s a great breakfast?

Tilmann Z.
A bowl of raisin bran with almond milk to start. Then, I have a Peanut butter oats chocolate protein shake on my way to work or at work for that extra boost. The shake is: spinach, 1 banana, Peanut butter, vanilla yogurt, a few tbsps of dry oats, maple syrup or honey, almond milk, and 1 scoop of chocolate Vega protein powder.
Stephen J.
A great breakfast is the one which drives you all day with it’s nutrients and fibres. To me, the great breakfast is Idly, Dosa, Pesarattu Upma. They are rich in fibres and protein and enough carbohydrates to drive us all day.
Helfried E.
Something that you love eating and is healthy, because if you eat something you love you will be mentally happy and if you eat something that it healthy it will make you physically happy and feeling good on the inside. Eating something good for the stomach and something that you love too, a light breakfast is better ❤
Stilla Z.
Something that is high in protein and some carbs. Usually a macro nutrient. Scrambled eggs three of them and a cup and a half of oatmeal make it a great start to my day.
Terry Y.
A great breakfast is a breakfast that will fill you up until the middle of the day it is full of nutrients and always needs to have a fruit
Rene B.
It depends on the age of that particular person ifit's a child or a teenager the must eat protein in breakfast ifit's an old age they should eat fibre in breakfast
Elisabeth J.
Protein rich with low GI fibre and fruit/veggies e.g. Eggs, avo, salmon, tomatoes and cucumber, soaked oats, fruit, plain yogurt and cinnamon with nuts
Albert U.
Pick a fruit, pick a healthy protein like eggs or peanut butter and add other healthy food you enjoy. Carrots for breakfast? Sure!
Aziz F.
Just remember to get in each macro! Carbs for energy, healthy fats, and lots of protein to get you through the day without feeling like you need to snack! For example, I just had 2 eggs, 1/2 and avocado, and an english muffin with PB. Filled me right up (:
Lyam W.
Fruit, low carb food. I usually eat banana, peanut butter, milk, oatmeal and cinnamon! It gives me energy to start the day.
Rick U.
Food that makes you feel awesome and ready to take on the day. By that I mean, your body and mind are energized! Choose food that you're excited to eat and fits your desired routine.
Adriano P.
Depends, but for me it's 2 egg omelette with cream cheese inside and 2 slices of whole wheat bread and either fruit or smoothie
Connie S.
For me, a great breakfast would be, eggs and toast with a side of fruit(any of your choice). Now, I'm not saying you have to eat exactly that but, the eggs, toast, and fruit give lots of protein and help me fell full until around 2-3pm. It's important you eat lots of Vitamin C, Vitamin D etc. I hope this answered your question! Good luck on your journey!
Renata J.
A great breakfast must contain protein as fuel to energize you longer. Must also be something that fills you up, think fiber,. Example: Oatmeal with flax seeds, chia seeds, pecans, almond milk (unsweetened vanilla), protein powder, and berries. This will really fill you up well into early to mid afternoon. Even though you already drank water this morning, have more with breakfast. Skip juices, they are full of carbs/sugars; you are better off eating fresh fruit because you get more nutrients and fiber.
Rosemary U.
One of my personal favorites is something like a Denver Omelette, you get a lot of protein from the eggs and ham as well as some other nutrients from the vegetables. Eaten with a glass of Orange juice for vitamin c really helps feel the engine to get my day going.
Alfred Z.
Oatmeal. If you are a beginner or love chocolate, buy oatmeal with chocolate flakes to sweeten up your breakfast. Later on, when you are a more experienced breakfast maker / eater you can customize your own oatmeal with the perfect ingredientes for you, such as nuts or bananas.

Good luck in your journey.


Jeremiah Y.
A great breakfast is healthy, delicious and nutritious. For me, personally, it exists of gluten free oats, almond milk, peanut butter, soms seeds and fresh apples.
Heinz Q.
I think it’s whatever fills you up and stays with you (I.e. need some protein) without going overboard. For me, I have a couple eggs or a few sausage links with a glass of water and a cup of coffee. That’s the most protein I have all day, but getting it in the morning kickstarts my day and sticks with me.
Jonathan W.
To me a good breakfast is something that has protein and a moderate amount of whole food carbs. A yogurt with diced apple and a nut, dried fruit and semi sweet chocolate chunk mix is good. I also like to have a whole grain toast with sliced avocado and an egg or two (or bacon or tomato slices).
Wolfhard F.
Personally, for me, it's a boiled/scrambled egg with an apple and a spoonful of peanut butter! Super easy and quick, as well as tasty
Colleen O.
A great breakfast is an energizing one. Protein from veggies, greens, mixed nuts, eggs, etc., good fats for long term energy, and maybe a little healthy sugar from fruits for a quick wake-me-up.
Nem Sio A.
A meal with eggs as a good protein and pair this with bread which is also a good source of starch. Wheat and whole grain bread helps with fiber. Fiber aids in healthy digestive. As well as a meal that doesn’t leave you too full but you still have enough energy to conquer the day.
Daisy C.
It's a complete meal with carbs from cereals or fruits, proteins and good fats from eggs or peanut butter, or avocado or yougurt.
T Lia E.
I have bread with lettuce, ham and cheese and kiwi or banana fruit for breakfast. I never fail to drink green tea in the morning too.
Francisco O.
I make myself either overnight oats with some peanut butter, quark, honey, Chia seeds and apple. Or a shake with oats, whey powder, strawberries and a bit of cinnamon
Jimmy U.
Self made oatmeal porridge, cooked with half milk and half water. with fruit and nuts and cinnamon and a tiny little bit of maple syrup for sweetness.