If I have to go to school early and wake up even earlier, how can I put my breakfast somewhere in between so that I can manage to still go to school at the same time?

Auguste Y.
Firstly, you have to prepare your food a day before. Before going to sleep. Eat food if you can while traveling from to school
Rosa Y.
Whenever I go to school, I usually take my breakfast in a container to eat it while I'm in the car. If I would go walking, I would also take my breakfast on the go. But if that doesn't work for you, I suggest preparing your outfit/uniform, backpack, the night before so that you have time to eat it. Whenever I have some extra time I eat it right before we go.
Mathys E.
Time to breakfast between them. You can eat something easy to do, just to give your body some energy for support the day. For example, I have to go to school too, so after take my shower I eat my breakfast. Currently, I eat bananas or another fruit with honey and oat. It gives me plus energy to do my day!
Maya U.
i ready the thing for breakfasr before sleep so i can wake up early and feel free to go to school i can put them in a lunch back and in the fridge..
Jairo Q.
I have the same issue. I always struggle to set aside time to eat a nutritious breakfast. What I did was I made a list of nutritious meals that are very easy and quick to eat. The majority of them I can eat in the car if I’m running late, but if you’re like me, I enjoy sitting down and having a meal, so I started making my breakfast the night before. I also made a more organized routine to better manage my time. I have about 45 minutes in the morning to get dressed and out the door, so I have made a loose routine that I follow so I have time do all that I need to do. The main thing you need is good time management, if you have to wake up 10 minutes earlier than normal to have time to eat, that’s okay. Breakfast is the most important part of your morning.
Mina C.
You can prepare some overnight oats is a jar or Tupperware and grab them with you.
Alternatively, you can have a smoothie full of nutrients (fruit, spinach, milk and peanut butter for instance) ready to be blended in the morning and take it with you.
Dee Dee N.
You don’t always need a full hardy meal. A small, easy to fix meal can give you just about the same nutrition. If you feel pressured in needing time to eat I would suggest to wake up 25-35 mins earlier than per usual. Just so you get to wake, get your necessities in pack, and then go on to have something small to eat. Even eating yogurt can do you good. If you are into something more thoughtful than thanks to the internet there are tons of quick recipes to choose from. Hope this helps! ❤️
Katie Z.
Make your breakfast the night before. You could try something like overnight oats. It’s easy to make it fun and a good variety because there are a ton of different things you can do with overnight oats. Chia pudding could be another option to make ahead of time. Also, think about making egg and avocado English muffins for the freezer and then you can warm them up in the microwave and eat on the way to school.
Fifunmi N.
Try to have simple and quick breakfast in the morning right after taking a shower. An example would be overnight oats, boiled eggs, toast or even a healthy smoothie. Sometimes you can prep these things the night before and it’s easier for you in the morning.
Julia Z.
You could always grab a quick granola bar and eat it on the bus, or go to sleep earlier so you have more time in the morning.
Lauren V.
Spend one night a week preparing easy grab and go breakfast like smoothies or boiled eggs and fruit and keep them by your lunch in the fridge for the next day ready to go when you’re doing the mad morning dash out the door. Then you can sit and enjoy it once you get to school or on the bus ride there.
Suzanne O.
Stuck up fruits . nuts health bars. And quick oat meal packs that are fast on the go. You can also find quick break fast recipes online
Nicole Z.
I would either give myself enough time on the morning to have 10-20 minutes for a decent breakfast before leaving. If it’s important to have then time should be made even if that means waking up slightly earlier and/or going to bed slightly earlier in balance. Otherwise I would stick to a usual routine and depending on the journey grab a nutritious and sustaining breakfast for on the go either a breakfast shake or smoothie and/or a energy bar preferably one that isn’t filled with sugar but good filling sustainable nutrients for you till you next have a break. That way you’re less likely to crash and keep more energised. Or grab a good handful of nuts/raisins etc and some fruit! See what works best after trialing 🙂
Olga N.
Sometimes I boil a dozen of eggs and put them in the refrigerator. I buy yogurt and fruit and put it in t bgg e refrigerator to have on hand for breakfast. Make and plan your meals and make it convenient for yourself.
Scarlett C.
I would need to prep breakfast during the evening, or my lunch. Since I do a smoothy and cereal, I would prebag my smoothie foods and pre-package my cereal.

If really pressed for time, i would make my smoothie and pre-pack my cereal the night before.

Andrea A.
I have never been a sit for breakfast person because I am usually on the go first thing in the morning. If I am on my way out the door, I take coffee with me or grab it at my destination. Planning is not my strong point but I try to keep easy pick to-go options. Mini Kind Bars have been my favorite go-to!
Jacob P.
make a breakfast the night before to maximize efficiency. overnight oats or a premade smoothie in a to-go container makes it easier to transition an early day. waking up early, get out of bed, grab the breakfast (healthy of course) as you go to school. eat on the bus, or save it until you make it to your destination.
Yassmim P.
It's a bit more work, but if you prepare something the night before that's grab and go, like a breakfast wrap or boiled eggs, and make a bunch of them at once you'll be set for 3-5 days! I used to make like 10 boiled eggs at a time and eat 2-3 a day. Overnight oats and chia pudding are vegan options too
Joshua U.
Hi ! So I read your questions and I think I have some ideas that might help you out: There are some nice breakfast options that are very quick to eat like bananas, apples, grapes and walnuts. Now, if you fancy something that you need to prepare, like eggs or smoothies, maybe you could boil the eggs/ prepare the smoothie the night before and then leave in your fridge till morning and then just heat them on a microwave so you can have them hot (in the case of the eggs, of course, the smoothie would be ready to go 😄) 😀 This tip of preparing things the night before is good also for the other things you need to get done in your morning time (like sort out clothes, get your backpack ready), because the more you can leave ready from the night before the more time you will have in the morning for your breakfast and for you too 😀 I hope these can help you a bit with your breakfast and school time 😀
Eunice Q.
You could eat it on the way there if you use the bus or a car or you could eat it before class start at the school. Hope this helped :)👍🏼
Lee P.
Try to prepare something the night before you can eat on the go or buy something easy to grab?
Overnight oats are good. Fat free natural yoghurt 200g, about 40g oats, frozen fruit the put it in the fridge overnight!
Kenneth C.
Prepare your bf shortly the night before you go to bed, putting a banana and other mixed fruits and/or nuts in a container or paperbag, readily available for you to take in the morning with you on your way to school.