What is the one thing that you would suggest adding to your oatmeal that is not milk or brown sugar?

Tiffany Z.
Almond milk would be great am not adding sugar . I cook the apple dried apricot and cranberries into the oatmeal and that provides plenty of sweetness. A trick my daughter told me was to also add cinnamon as it amps up the flavor making you think it’s sweeter.

Courtney Y.
FRUIT! I add fresh or frozen blueberries mostly. If I have them I use other, or additional fruit— typically cherries, strawberries, raspberries.
I have at times added preserves. I make my own cranberry sauce (add oranges, unpeeled as it cooks down). That’s good in oatmeal and adds a seasonal touch. Bonne Maman and Polander Allfruit brands of preserves have no added non-food ingredients. Bonne Maman has cane sugar, but since I often add sugar anyway… Allfruit has no added sugar.

Benjamin P.
Water instead of milk, or a plant-based substitute. I tend to go for honey or maple syrup if I want something sweet. But there's a whole world of savory oatmeal too! I like spices (paprika, cumin,chili or herbes de Provence) with oil or butter and just plain salt and pepper. You can also add bits and bobs to the oatmeal to make it tastier (sesame seeds, meat, tomatoes, garlic)

Becky F.
I would suggest some fruits like banana, blueberries or strawberries. Sometimes you can also try cinnamon apples or drizzle some honey.

Kate U.
Try to combine apple pieces and cinnamon, or banana pieces and chocolate chips. I highly recommend adding some fruits or something sweet like maple. Maybe add some coconut pieces or some other nuts

Gustav P.
Some fresh or dry fruit of choice would be work. Also, I think it is good to add some cinnamon since it gives a really fresch and heathy taste.

Elsa F.
Butter is really good in oatmeal though it’s not necessarily a healthy option. Strawberries are great, and so are blueberries.

Judith R.
Blueberries! Fresh or frozen. If frozen add them while boiling your oatmeal. And for some extra treat add chocolate sprinkles or grated dark chocolate

Tristan Z.
I always eat my oatmeal with yogurt, flavored or plain. Just make sure that you check how much sugar there is if you choose a flavored yogurt. You could add cinnamon and apple slices, chocolate chips in moderation or even raisins and nuts. Be careful how much you add cause especially nuts are very dense and can raise your calorie intake easily without noticing.

Wolf Dietrich A.
I like to load up my oatmeal with brown sugar, raisins, hemp hearts and chia seeds.. and sometimes I throw in some berries!

Marsha T.
Walnuts for an extra serving of fuel, dried fruit or fresh berries for some pizzaz, or some pomegranate for a tart taste if you're into that.

Naz Rio Z.
You could maybe add some sugar free syrup, usually I put cinnamon, Himalayan salt, peanut butter and syrup, but there is also sugar free syrup or a healthier option honey, but add just a bit. I do not put milk I actually add water

Christina U.
I would add peanut butter. That way you can add a little bit of protein and then even sweeten it with honey. Instead of sugar.

Cecilie Z.
I would suggest adding honey, maple syrup or cacao powder with maple syrup which is a healthy alternative if you like chocolate. You can even add your favourite nut butter if you want a Nutella-ish taste. I hope I answered your question well and I wish you well for the rest of your journey.

Em Lio S.
Right or wrong I’ve never liked oatmeal until a friend suggested adding a little butter. This morning I tried adding a spoonful of my Greek honey yogurt. Tomorrow I may venture out and add half a banana.

Gina Y.
Fruit! The natural sugars add a burst of sweetness that makes the oatmeal easy to eat and creates a cause for joy on a mundane morning (yeah, fruit is that awesome). I love to mix up the flavors by adding different fruits depending on my mood. Apples and cinnamon for a cozy morning, blueberries and honey to get the party started!

Sander W.
Fruit is a great way to add sweetness to oatmeal instead of sugar. A bit of yogurt is also an alternative to milk for creaminess.

Elwira F.
You could add cranberries from the frozen produce section. If you want a sweet addition, add honey or better… maple syrup.

Yolanda B.
Nuts (such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts) seeds (such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds) fruit (such as blueberries, raspberries, chopped up apples) and maybe even some coconut!

Daria J.
Rasins or craisins – they'll really plump up if you cook them with the oatmeal instead of adding them after; pecans or walnuts or which ever nut you like; fresh blueberries or bananas; even chunks of fresh apple with pie spice mixed in.

Charlotte F.
Hi, i make mine most of the times with a cut up apple, banana or whatever is in the fruit basket , in this case I add cooked water. I also often use some frozen berries in my oatmeal, then I let it cook with water in a little pan for a minute or two (depending on size fruit) to thaw the fruit.. 👋🏻

Isabella U.
Dates, honey, nuts, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, yoghurt if I wasn’t allergic to it, prunes, raisins, dry fruit, apples and Roger fruit

Mina X.
Cook the oatmeal with chopped up apple in it then add stevia, cinnamon, raisins, pecans. Makes me thing of warm apple pie. Yum!