On busy mornings what’s the best way to fit breakfast in?

Chantal O.
I have a desk job so i just eat my breakfast at work! We have a fruit basket here and i have peanut butter and oatmeal in our kitchen cupboard so i can always skip breakfast at home and eat it at work instead. I can check my emails while eating so i don't lose time.
Tina U.
I eat on the commute. I either take oatmeal or an egg in a Tupperware container and eat while I’m on the drive to work. I’m not the driver of the vehicle so not at risk of distracted driving.
Ferrer C.
Try this fantastic meal replacement n vitamin shake called Maximum Vibrance by Vibrant Health👍 It’s all made from natural whole food n organic water extracted nutrients 🌱 I take this myself everyday 😊
Silas G.
Prepare hard boiled eggs and keep them in the fridge. Usually 6 or more a week. Add a tangelo, cheese stick, apple and hard boiled egg and your breakfast can fit into any bag on the go😃
Logan C.
Either preparing some basic fruit before hand or having something small available. Being a college student, I'm often restricted by the times/availability of a meal plan , so it's more difficult to control what food I eat.
Mauri S.
The best way I got breakfast in during a busy morning is by having simple and quick things to have. I program my coffee maker to brew me a cup when I wake up, and then I choose what to eat depending on what’s in the house and what all I have to do today!
Juliette O.
Prepare your breakfast the night before to make sure it will take less time from a busy morning. Then make sure you dedicate 10 mins to slow down and enjoy your food.
Carole C.
I like to get dressed and do my hair and makeup first, and then I don't have to rush to fit breakfast in. I boil eggs the night before, so that's one less thing to do in the morning.
Amanda J.
I think the key is to make space for it. It doesn't matter how busy you are, the busyness must fit around the breakfast and not the other way round. Breakfast need only take a few minutes, so take them mindfully.
Alexander B.
I tried to eat a great breakfast the past few days, and I liked it much. Despite the busy morning and tending to rush and run to work, it’s cool just to find extra 20 minutes to cook beautiful, tasty and diverse breakfast – the eating becomes more interesting and waking up easer – because you expect a great eating. So I think that starting even the busy day with the great breakfast is a good practice and a habit I tend to develop.
Stephanie O.
On busy mornings, the best way to fit breakfast in is to do it as soon as you get up so you can have lots of time to make it and to enjoy it. Also if you do it as soon as you get up then you won’t have distractions pulling you from eating a nutritious breakfast.
Kathy U.
Do it ahead of time. So I boil quinoa ahead of time so I only need to boil my eggs and eat my fruit and just add milk to my quinoa. I use quinoa instead of cereal with my milk
Mathias A.
Prep the night before something simple…Hard boiled egg, piece of fruit, peanut butter and toast. Items you can munch on the go.
Emmi Z.
Getting up a little early and making time for things like a sit-down breakfast or exercise makes the start to the day feel more relaxed and enjoyable. It sets the tone for the whole day.
Martin R.
Make something which is easy to prepare and consume such as peanut butter bread or bread with boiled eggs. Otherwise, prepare the meal the night before e.g. overnight oats
Kim J.
A couple of options for this. If you know your going to be busy organise a smoothie or fruit and yogurt the night before so you can grab it and run. 2. Have store of instant oats or decent muesli bars just in case. 3. Eat dinner left overs for breakfast.
Leon Cio E.
A high protein, vege-packed fruit smoothie with rolled oats blended in. Throw all in a blender and serve over ice to have on the go.
B Ris C.
Be prepared the night before is really helpful. Leaving your options ready in little bags or in an specific place easy to take in the morning.
Josina C.
It’s a matter of good, better, and best. Ideally slow down your mornings mindfully and prep the night before as much as possible so you can sit down and eat a good breakfast without stress. Of course it’s not a perfect world so try to plan breakfast for a week at a time. Just knowing what you will eat and having all the ingredients will both save time and ensure you eat a breakfast with good calories.
Fern O Q.
On a crazy morning I'll throw my coffee into the blender with some chocolate protein powder, and put some blueberries in blend, and grab a handful of nuts to munch. Or just two eggs if only semi crazy/more time.
Den Sia E.
I find that preparing meals in advance really helps.

You need to find something that works for you as everyone’s likes and dietary requirements are different, but my go to is porridge. I often leave everything to soak overnight in the fridge and add some fruit (frozen is a good option here) along with some chopped nuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

It is a really comforting way to start the day and it fills me up for longer too compared to toast.

Axel A.
Planning ahead is the best method. You know what’s coming in the morning so you can prepare your mind, effort, and urges. Try to keep it simple, nutritious, and small.
Renato P.
I usually keep it simple and eat the same thing most mornings. My breakfast mostly consists of some multi-grain bread, cheese, grape tomatoes or cucunbers and maybe walnut. Not much preperation is needed and it’s quite fast but delicious too. 😋
Sandy F.
Prepare the night before and lay everything out in a row with spaces for what needs to come out from the fridge. This includes dishes and cutlery. Put the kettle on before going in the shower and also lay out clothes the night before. Do not open phone.
Selma T.
I keep protein bars (Quest bars specifically) at home and at work so I can eat one if I don’t have time to make breakfast. I will also keep things like string cheese or various nuts/seeds. Even a handful of walnuts or almonds is better than nothing, and nuts usually have a lot of calories in a small amount. If you like bananas, 1 large banana has quite a lot of calories and would probably be more filling than something like an apple.
Carlos U.
My first suggestion is to make breakfasts for the week on the weekend. If you really don’t have time like me, you make breakfasts you can take on your commute (baked oatmeal is my current go to).
Beatrice F.
I like to eat my breakfast while doing other things, such as writing my morning pages, or taking my dog out for a walk, depending on what my breakfast is. Recently I've been eating overnight oats, which requires literally zero effort in the morning, just take it out of the fridge and eat! I do like to add raisins to my oats, which is a little longer of a process, but still much faster than cooking anything or even preparing a smoothie.
Anna C.
A fruit on the go would be a great, healthy and small breakfast on the go. Something like a banana or apple would really boost your energy.
Oliveiros T.
Breakfast will give u the energy that u need to get through that busy morning, so, never skip it and grab a banana and an apple and eat it on the way
Brooke P.
Always have smth at home to have a fast healthy breakfast. Ideal variant for me is a wholemeal bread with peanut butter (no sugar).
Denny T.
The best way, is to go with something quick and light. If you're running low on time, or you're in a hurry, try to grab something that isn't only nutritious, but delicious as well. Go for some fruit (Apple, Orange, Banana, etc). These are easy grab-N-go sources for fuel.

If you find that you typically have to rush in the morning, try to prepare something the night before. I usually enjoy overnight Oats and there are a variety of ways you can make them. From strawberries and cream to Chocolate Brownie and everything in between. It's simple, easy, and ready to eat the following morning. No heating up required. Just don't forget the sweetener!

Wenzel F.
I am lucky. My body feels ill if I leave the house without breakfast. So whatever the day had plannef I have to fit in breakfast. If I am very rushef a fruity smoothie on the go is satisfying and healthy
Diocl Cia P.
Hi. Thank you for your question. I have always had breakfast in my life… but some times when I was not in a good mood I was going for the not good options.
My resolution is to throw away the sweets and white bread away and to by buy enough good food for at least 2 weeks.
It is very nice to have options for every day. Even if you are in a hurry you can grab an apple or boiled egg from the fridge. Even if you do not have it ready it only takes 7 to 10 minutes…
Derek F.
For me it's finding an item suitable for eating on the go or packing, without compromising on nutritional value. So, for example, instead of a croissant I'll have a banana.
Marcus Z.
Cook one thing and one thing only, preferably with one or two ingredients. I do omelettes. Two eggs, mix in a bowl, heat up pan and oil, pour eggs in, wait, flip, wait, eat. Stick a slice of cheese on one side or ham or both. Most bang for the buck.
Brandon B.
Keep it simple and have hard boiled eggs ready to go so that it is easy to have a healthy breakfast and not fall on doughnuts
Lylou Y.
On my busy mornings, I prefer to grab a banana or an apple and have it on the road. It's healthy, it doesn't need any preparation and it's tasty. So, you have it.
Tammy C.
The best answer is to have it premade the night before, but if you haven't done that, there's nothing wrong with buying an egg sandwich on the way to work.
Kathy U.
Prepare all ingredients on the separate plate – and just take from the fridge.
For me the fastest is Greek yogurt adding walnuts, honey and ground cinnamon.
Have a beautiful morning :)))