Is having a bar of chocolate with coffee considered as great breakfast? What alternatives i can have?

Jade N.
A chocolate bar is a treat and should not be eaten at breakfast..ever. Grab some fruit today. Green apples are better at waking you up than coffee.
Jessica R.
Try swapping out your chocolate bar for a chocolate protein bar, chocolate breakfast bar or a chocolate nut bar. Reduce the amount of milk and sugar added to your coffee if you’d rather not give up your morning chocolate bar.
Arnulf O.
Sometimes, you are in a hurry, it is normal, but it is better to eat a banana on the go, or at least if you have time, make sure you are getting a nice meal that can help you kickstart your day, it will also make it easier for you to burn calories trouoght the day. Good luck.
Alie G.
That's the opposite of a great breakfast. It'll rev up your cortisol and crash your blood sugar in no time. Try something with protein, like eggs or a power smoothie.
Savy U.
No, haha, definitely not. Maybe oatmeal or yogurt with honey/fruit/nuts, or eggs, or toast with avocado/egg/nut butter/fruit.
You can mix chia pudding or overnight oats, or boil eggs the night before and have one of those things in the morning on the go if you are short on time. You can make a yogurt/chia/oat concoction and stir in cocoa powder and a sweetener like honey or pure maple syrup if you love chocolate! It’s also great as a dessert tbh.
Amos U.
If you love chocolate, save it for a pick-me-up later in the day. Something that would be convenient but also healthier would be a bowl of yogurt with a couple tablespoons of roasted flax seed sprinkled on top. Or a little granola if that sounds too weird.
Taylor U.
Eggs, toast from whole cereals ( I prefer no wheat ), low sugar cereal eg muesli and non sweetened yoghurt, a smoothie is great if you are on the go
Katie N.
Personally I don't think that has enough nutritional value to be a great breakfast. You don't want to sugar crash after an hour and be hungry again! I'd go for some porridge sweetened with fruit, or eggs and toast or an omelette. Maybe even banana pancakes (there's some great recipes online) It's not breakfast without coffee though!
Fedor X.
Considering that you want to have your breakfast as full of healthy non-processed nutrients, I recommend you choose proteins (eggs) + carbs (whole wheat bread) as your breakfast because this combination allows your body to break the carbs slower than if you ate a chocolate, the sugar in the bar would only be effective for a very short period of time. And for drinks, I recommend choosing tea over coffee if you want to have sustainable energy throughout the day, or you can combine it with strong coffee to get your metabolism going. Green coffee is a compromise in this case. 🙂
Ella J.
… Probably not? If you want to stick to bar-format, try out energy bars until you find some you like. If you're open to switching up your geometry, bananas are something I have for breakfast almost every day!
Jenny J.
Chocolate isn't the best…try something healthier like oatmeal or whole wheat cereal! Those will provide longer lasting energy.
Caroline A.
A chocolate bar could be better. Howzabout a museli bar with a wee bit of chocolate on it~? The coffee works as long as not too much sugar~ 😀
Harvey Z.
I think it depends on the cacao content of that bar of chocolate if it is almost pure cacao could be good, by the other side, if it is coffee made from coffee beans and without sugar could be, however I think the ideal think to drink as hot beverage in the morning for a fabulous breakfast is tea, green tea is great for the mind and give you energy, and for something easy to carry you can get a granola bar or so
Skye N.
not really, but hey at least you care ! I usually (if I have time) make a smoothie or have a smoothie bowl, which is basically the same thing. I use a lot of fruit because I cannot stand green smoothies, it tastes great and I feel really proud of myself after having it because it’s good for me and it keeps me energised. But if I’m in a rush or just can’t be bothered I’ll make some quick scrambled eggs which don’t take much effort or I have some wheetabix with some fruit. But also don’t put yourself down if you don’t stick to this everyday, I definitely don’t. Be proud that you are trying to make a positive change and even if you have only had a healthy breakfast twice in the past two weeks, it’s always better than not having a healthy breakfast at all. Also drinking water as soon as you wake up is actually proven to be almost like having a coffee so maybe try that ? Coffee isn’t necessarily a bad thing just don’t have too much of it 🙂
Vanner E.
No… Ur starting ur morning of on a false sugar and caffeine rush with d coffee and bar… Have porridge, eggs. Prepare d porride d night before just put n d microwave… Have an apple if ur like me and don't like eating to Early in the morning
Kathleen X.
No. Instead have peanut butter on toast, make healthy breakfast bars so you can grab them on the go. If you like eggs or oatmeal that will work too!
Attham T.
Chocolate is never a good opction for breakfasts. Problem with eating is my biggest struggle. For now im choosing everyday an porridge until i get used to eat reggulary. If i dont have time im choosing and apple and some nuts
Hana Z.
Instead of a chocolate bar and coffee, which may spike your blood sugar, having something protein-rich, like eggs, is a better alternative.
Ewen T.
I’m totally guilty of having some hot coco and a granola bar for breakfast every once in a while. I just make sure I get in a little healthy snack before lunch like a banana or almonds even a couple strawberries.
Manny N.
Not the best breakfast, but I would consider looking into eating something more healthier and nutritious that can give you enough energy to get through your morning.
Mirna T.
To nije dobar doručak. Bolje je doručkovati hranu koja će mi dati energiju za dan, jer ću si kasnije na tome biti zahvalna. A kava nakon doručka može biti desert, kao što bi mi bila čokolada. I uvijek pamti da je dovoljno 10min pretrpjeti crave za neku hranu i bolje je popiti vode. Idemo!
Emy C.
No it is not. Black coffee has almost no calories and no nutritional value at all. If you drink your coffee with milk, you get some calories and some protein. Dark chocolate does have some amount of protein, but I would still not recommend it for breakfast since chocolate also contains some amount of sugar, and we do not want our morning energy to be a sugar rush because then we will most definitely crash before lunch. Keep drinking your coffee, but for a more filling breakfast add milk. To keep that chocolate taste in the morning, I would consider making overnight oats with some cocoa power in it and then eating it with peanut butter, and who doesn't love a protein packed combo with chocolate and peanut butter?
Alyssia O.
No, sugar will give you energy for about 30 minutes. After that it will be depleted. It’s best to eat proteins which you can get from eggs, but if you’re in a hurry, a bannana or almonds can do the trick.
Sander A.
No, a great breakfast should include a part of cereals (that can be cereals themselves or bread or pancakes) and a protein source (that can be milk, cheese, ham or eggs). Fruit could also be included
La Za G.
Well I think you should have some fruit for breakfast or some cereal or even yogurt but you can still have your coffee just not with chocolate
Luis Y.
You can have a banana or an apple with your coffee and after a while eat a really nutritious breakfast. Like eggs, with a bit of garlic, a bit of any cheese of your liking, something green like Tendersteem Broccoli or avocado or rocket or even all together. It’s so easy to make and becomes a habit so fast.