Does your breakfast have to be food or can you have a healthy smoothie that fills you up like I do in the morning when I wake up ?

Fran N.
I think having just a healthy smoothie for breakfast is okay to do. If it’s enough to the point that you don’t have more cravings then it would be fine. It would also be good since you could have healthy things, like fruits or milk or whatever you put in a smoothie, eaten all at once. So in summary, a healthy smoothie would be enough!
Rasmus Z.
i'm okay with everything that is healthy. soo if it's not a food but a kind of smoothie that also healthy, than i'm okay and it doesn't have to be foor everydaaay. peace 🕊️
Duane A.
Usually my breakfast is food, not smoothies. I have a big break between breakfast and lunch, so I like my breakfast is a full-fledged meal.
Thomas E.
It depends on the ingredients of the smoothie. If it contains food from all food groups then it's a good option. For example, a smoothie that contains fruit, milk,oats and chia seeds is a very good option. Otherwise, if your smoothie is just fruit and water for example, you can have that as a snack
Zander S.
While the healthy smoothie is a great idea since it high in vitamins and minerals, any good breakfast should be high in protein due to the fact that the lack of this substance in a breakfast will cause negative effects later in the day, and, since smoothies are usually made up of fruits and sometime vegetables, smoothies usually lack protein. So maybe add a boiled egg to the breakfast with your smoothie and you should be good to go!
Judith O.
A healthy smoothie is still beneficial for your body, as long as your putting the right ingredients into it and they can keep you as full as food does.