Any easy and healthy breakfast ideas for office going people to prepare in the morning?

Mariele X.
Mix natural yoghurt with peanut butter and granola in equal 1/3rds and then eat it either there and then, or even on the commute.
L Onard T.
Omelet in a mug. 3 eggs or egg whites, veggies and cheese. Warm in microwave for about 2-3 until eggs are cooked salt and pepper and salsa if desired.
Nils N.
Let me share what I follow. But the whole objective is to have a rich protein diet which can keep me energetic.

Above all I would prefer to take OMEGA 3 capsule which keeps me energetic and covers up on other vitamins and minerals in body. If you don't like fish than this is the best option.

Monday – I prefer a bowl having corn flakes with milk. You can find different flavours depending on the mood.

Tuesday / Wednesday – I prefer bread toast with butter and jam with glass of juice.

Thursday – Milk with 2 Banana.

Friday – Boiled Eggs with Juice.

Saturday & Sunday – Indian Bread with some sweat pudding.

Beverley Z.
I, as q student, like to have a "white" yogurt with fresh fruit that I cut in the mornung into my bowl. I choose which frut to eat based on what i'm into tjat morning, or on how my body feels (bananas for potassium, Oranges for vitamin c , kiwi i need regularity…) or on what i'm doing that day. If i have some nuts I put these in the bowl too. It's important to have also "good" fats in addittion to carboidrates. Proteins, and sugar. Also i drink some camomilla or others relaxing infusion just because i need energy, but also something to relax my mind, to prepare it to have a hard day in the university. If i don't have much food at home i eat only a fruit or have some milk with cereals, but that means that i will eat something in the middle of the morning to have some nee energy.
Marinelza Z.
I cook a 1 cup mix of oat groats, barley groats and rye groats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds with 4 cups of water in my slow cooker overnight. I refrigerate the extra for other days and microwave it other mornings. I add blueberries and soy milk. You can pop this breakfast into a thermos and eat it once you get to work if you get up late. Enjoy!!
Heather E.
Cook an egg the right bed before, this way you already have prepared yourself a little and you'll feel more obliged to make a breakfast!
Carolyn Z.
Overnight muesli with chia seeds. Prep it at night, use nut milk if you like, a little greek yogurt and your favorite fruit! Easy grab and go in the morning. You're doing great! 🙂
Lance E.
You could have fruit salad for breakfast. That’s something you can make before bed and put in the fridge ready to go the next morning.
Jiri X.
Avocado toast would be great for energy boost, but you are a little bit in a hurry an overnight oatmeal enriched with nuts, dried fruits and peanut butter, would be a great choice too. For pasta lovers, i would definitely recommend pesto pasta.
Armando Y.
I think bagels get a bad reputation. I suggest a pumpernickel bagel(it’s healthier than most and SO good) and put avocado on it like it’s cream cheese, fry an egg(not runny ‘cause that’s too messy for on-the-go) and season it with your favorite spices, maybe add hot sauce maybe add cheese depending on preference and how strict you’d like to be, Sandwich it and wrap it up! It provides protein, healthy fats, and carbs and it’s super yummy and simple. If you don’t like avocado you can replace it with hummus. And remember the most important definition of healthy is it makes you feel good!
Marco P.
Oats cooked with oat milk. Delicious 😋 Generally takes 5 minutes. Add mixed nuts, seeds, dried fruit and/or fruit 🍇 as per your preference.
Emma P.
I am going to try an make eggs cups to bring. In a muffin tin you combine eggs, milk, shredded spinach and cheese. Bake and cool. Then you can put them in containers and reward them at the office each morning.
Kristen S.
Do as much food prep as you can the night before. I still haven't overcome my wanting to not get up in the morning. So, I don't mind cooking my breakfast food in early evening to reheat in the morning. I am not an office going worker. For example, on my MWF shifts, I don't have time to privately or semi-privately eat said breakfast once I get to work until close to 9am after starting my shift at 0700. So, I prepare myself a fruit smoothie w/ ground flaxseeds and a protein powder and refrigerate it overnight to drink on my way to work. I often will eat a crunchy or chewy snack bar w/ it to engage chewing in my meal for better food digestion which supports less excessive stomach acid production.
Julie O.
If you're in hurry on the morning you can just buy cereals packet and put it in bowl with some milk it doesn't take time to prepare and it's healthy.
I hope that you find useful 😉