What’s your favorite quick and easy breakfast for busy mornings on the go?

Victor Z.
I usually don't like to eat breakfast. If I eat something early in the morning I don't really feel that good sometimes. Every morning I wake up and go to school by walking and I feel good. But now I need to stay at home until the 5th of Aug for a reason so I can't really go out of my house until the 5th. Even if I need to eat something in the morning like to take medicine or for some reasons,I will maybe eat some almond or cashew nuts if there is at home or a apple or some grapes.
Elin E.
I usually skip breakfast… But when I don't, I like to eat scrambled egg sandwiches 🙂 Or just other sandwiches, whatever I'm I the mood for.
Nikki T.
My favourite quick and easy breakfast for busy mornings on the go is nuttella on bread. It's heavenly good tasting and contains the nutrition and energies required to make it throughout the day as well as being incredibly easy to make! I definitely recommend! I.e it gives a good taste throughout the day too!
Megan N.
Smoothies. Cut up some fruit add some frozen fruit, oat milk and yoghurt, blend and go! Super easy and can be taken on the go. You can even make one the night before and grab out of the fridge when you need it.
C Lestin Q.
my favourite quick breakfast would be some sort of fruit like a banana or an apple and maybe some toast or cereal. they aren’t the healthiest options but for busy mornings those are my favourites.
ረ ዐ ረ ዐ N.
On busy mornings, I usually have a protein bar or some oatmeal since it’s faster and you don’t have to deal with much dishes. On normal days, I wake up earlier and make 3 eggs with one toasted whole-grain bread.
Ryo O.
Twice a week, on my busiest days, I make refrigerator oats with low sugar fruits. I prepare it before bed & it makes itself overnight while I sleep! It’s nice & easy.
Coline O.
It could be a cereal with fruits on it also with a kind of juice that can help with the day, also for sure a bottle of water