Is it better to do light stretching and exercising before or after breakfast?

Delores Z.
I usually prefer to do exercise after breakfast so I have more energy to do all my workout. Sometimes, I stretch before breakfast and right after my workout so I feel even more relaxed and ready.
Bradley N.
Light stretching works well both ways, although I personally prefer to do it before in most cases. Moderate exercise is best done before breakfast as opposed to after breakfast.
Lee J.
Before exercise, because there is a rule of 30 minutes – 2 hours to wait before exercise after eating and its a waste of time, on another it while we cook or wait for the food we can use the time to exercise so it'll be efficient, but we feel a bit of rush while doing it
Andrea B.
While eating breakfast. Just jog while holding a bowl of cereal and shoveling the bits into your mouth as you run. That way you can attain appendicitis quicker and go to the E.R. in record time.
Sarah T.
I personally think that before would work best, simply because you don’t have a full stomach. Sometimes trying to do exercise after eating, whether it’s light or not, can become uncomfortable. If you’re trying to make this a habit, you don’t want to do something that would make it a negative experience!
Karla N.
I think beforehand because if you are trying to change habits or even diet, waiting to eat makes the breakfast more enjoyable. I also find that I am less hungry after morning excercises.
Jeremy F.
Befor breakfast is best because make the body bowerfull and the body will be more prepared for take the breakfast energy
Clifton T.
My body wakesA little tight. The mind has rested during sleep but the body isItching to wake. It wants to stretch and start to move. A good release let’s it settle into a relaxed and peaceful state whilst I eat.
My mind follows my body. Thoughts as i break my fast take on a lighter optimistic hue. The days intentions are brighter, more likely to happen.
My body brings my mind into the beginning space.
Caitlyn Q.
Before. It helps me set the mood for the day. I start with a preworkout drink and end with a post workout drink and sip water until I shower and then until I eat breakfast once I’m out
Crystal R.
I would eat breakfast and take a 5 min brake
to get my water bottle ready and just sit so you can digest your food so you will not get a hurt tummy and you can get the hard workout you want.
Kay F.
It's better do any form of exercise before eating breakfast. This is because and fat stored in your body will have time to break down and make more space for your breakfast.