What is a quick, nutritious and filling (long-lasting energy) breakfast option?

Phillip U.
I usually make a smoothie because I'm busy and my coffee travel mug stays too hot to be effective. I throw a handful of frozen blueberries in a single serve blender cup with most of a banana, spirulina/green powder, instant coffee, and a scoop of chocolate protein powder! It's tasty and the coffee balances the weird too sweet taste and aftertaste of the protein powder.
Noah U.
Oatmeal/porridge with banana peanut butter cinnamon Or eggs in a wrap with avocado bread with pb&j Fruit smoothie just add oats and oil to everything
Bernice A.
You cannot go wrong with oatmeal. Add some fruit in it and you are set for a majority of the day. And a handful of almonds and walnuts. I added that to my breakfast and it definitely has given me that energy boost that stays with me. And my personal favorite, peanut butter. The energy is unmatched to anything else.
Elizabeth T.
I have tried many options but I believe that egg and avocado toast is now my favourite. Add an apple to it and you will be full till lunch.
Francesca Q.
Well I believe that a quick breakfast that includes something with honey would do the trick. I’ve heard from different professionals that honey is one of the best for obtaining energy.
Angie S.
I guess eggs are a good source of protien. Maybe some sunnyside up eggs with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms sauted with a slice of bread. I've never had it before but my parents have.
Shannon Z.
I eat a piece of avocado toast (mashed avocado mixed with honey, lime juice, and natural sea salt) with a third banana on top and Greek yogurt with granola, strawberries and blueberries. This keeps me full until lunchtime.
Martin U.
I love having a salad with a homemade smoothie. Not only does it combine a balance of fruits and vegetables in my meal, but it helps boost my energy when i feel down.
Aubrey O.
I prepped a ton of breakfast burritos that have eggs and other nutritious ingredients that I can pop in the microwave quickly. Its filling and I'm not hungry until lunch time. Super yummy
Christiane U.
A good breakfast is one that focuses on slow energy throughout the day. Eating things like mixed nuts eggs meats some fruits and vegetables can give you energy through the whole day. Quick sugars like muffins donuts and other sweets can spike your sugar levels and make you crash right away
Jordano S.
Whole grains, fruit and/or vegetables with some nuts is a good start. A banana is even quicker or just a nuts and raisins mix.