Can you recommend a nice summer breakfast, I have replaced my hot tea for a cold coffee!

Elisah E.
Try cool fruits like watermelon! They're refreshing, keep you hydrated, replenish your vitamins and help boost your energy levels!

Anaizi Z.
Fullfiling and fresh breakfast for the summer can be toast with avocado, a bit of pepper and salt, tonatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese and some seeds on top and on the side 1 boiled egg

Heriberto Z.
Having a acai bowl or a fruit bowl is such an amazing colorful breakfast to have. If your thirsty have like a mango drink or a cool protein shake ! If your in a rush, have a quick smoothie or grab some fresh nuts to eat in the way

Iwona F.
A fruit plate is a fun summer breakfast, you can also add micro greens to bagles, yogurt with berries, or overnight oats with fruit. My favorite is with mango, chia seeds, flax seeds and a coconut granola topping.

Malthe A.
Cold coffee sounds very nice but it may be beneficial to add some food to your breakfast. I feel that coffee gives me energy doe only a few hours but with some fruit, a piece of bread, some toast, yoghurt…or something like that I can be productive until noon:).
Hope this helps!