What’s should a great breakfast consist of for a 27-year-old lady with no chronic diseases or intolerances?

Nellie Z.
This depends on your preference, choose what you love the most but go healthy. Try to avoid not healthy and junk food. Remove cookies and other fast food items from your place to not take the easy choice or make it harder to choose the healthy food. It's hard in the beginning to all of us but it will work

Gabriel O.
Well. A great breakfast should consist of some protein, and some healthy carbs such as fruit, veggies, and whole-grains. Good ideas include a scrambled egg with berries on the side, plain Greek yogurt with fruit and low-sugar granola, and my personal favorite- banana pancakes. For banana pancakes, all you need to do is mash 1/2 banana & add 1 egg and mix. Then pour the batter in a greased skillet & cook like pancakes!

Hanna Z.
It definitely depends a lot on you! If you want something heavy and filling some oatmeal and pecans would be great or avocado toast. But if you like something lighter a piece of fruit and some toast is good too. It’s about getting variety throughout the day.

Mo N.
Hi – great breakfasts are really trial and error, but I prefer something that has a bit of protein and a little carbs. So eggs, toast and tea or a smoothie with protein powder, a breakfast protein bar. I eat a lot of “non-traditional” breakfast foods for breakfast, too – salads, roasted veggies with some chicken, honestly whatever I really like to eat and gives me energy for the day – it doesn’t matter if it’s the morning! Hope that helps!

Katherine N.
A protein such as an egg or two, along with a piece of whole wheat toast with a little pat of real butter, NOT margarine, as your body needs a real fat to help metabolism burn fat, margarine is processed with transfats.
And melon or berries and water

Cherish P.
In my options breakfast should be a fruit or vegetable with a protein.
Eggs with spinach or tomatoes
Yogurt with strawberries.
Steel cut oats with bananas

Valentin T.
I believe that a good breakfast would be one egg, a toast, yogurt and fruits. I usually take my yogurt with a bit of oatmeal for fibers, some blueberries, watermelon, strawberry or bananas and a spoon of honey. Then I have a toast with an egg. That is the best option to start the day well. Maybe even avocados.. although they are fat, they are a good fat. So moderation and less sugary things is the best you can have!

Samantha O.
Porridge: Oats cooked with Oatmilk and a teaspoon of butter. Bring it to boil and stir for 4 minutes. Add fruits, nuts and applesauce. Serve

Elizabeth J.
When I want a GREAT breakfast:
Oatmeal pancakes (no syrup)
Scrambled eggs
Bacon and breakfast sausage
I dont eat the whole day after that lol

Cassandra O.
I often make a breakfast casserole on the weekend that will get me through the week. I use a variety of meats, cheeses, and vegetables to make it a little different each week so I don’t get bored. Once it’s baked, it’s a few minutes to warm it up for breakfast, and I also will pack it in my lunch if I don’t have leftovers from the previous evening.

Tracy J.
Your body just came out of a long fast. This is the perfect opportunity to present it with the core vitamins; it will absorb them well. So, make your breakfast colorful and protein-rich. No starches, or else you will need a nap right after. Something I’ve done and liked was a bowl of fresh whole avocado, chia seed seasoned cottage cheese, hardboiled soy free eggs, and, to drink, some carrot (or other vegetable) juice. Some people say “lots of raw fruits and veggies” but those are also better in moderation as they cause bloating and inflammation (if you struggle with a sort of anxiety after eating fruits, you know what I’m talking about. Veggies like broccoli cause bloating because they release gasses against predators). I also add coconut oil and other supplements to my coffee, tea, or cacao brew. Just don’t think it has to taste bad to be healthy. Eat til you’re not hungry, not til you’re full. If you exercise less, eat less, and vice verse.

Jacob Z.
I eat avocado toast every morning. It helps that I LOVE avocados. I use Dave's Killer Bread (organic, no enriched flour, plenty of whole grains), toasted. I use half an avocado and put the other in a zip lock baggie in the fridge to use the next day. Mash it and sprinkle pepper, garlic powder, and paprika (I use lots of paprika), spread on the toast with an over easy eggs on top. Eat it with a knife and fork. And an 8 oz glass of OJ! This breakfast keeps me full and allows me to keep my lunches light (mostly salads) so the next "full" meal I have is dinner.

Hans Peter J.
I’m 30, I’m a woman and no chronic illnesses or intolerances that I know of. I’m really enjoying Greek yoghurt on granola with bananas, seeds and berries at the moment. Feels very refreshing, along with plenty of water or a cup of tea. An alternative I like is 4 richer cakes with peanut butter and dried cranberries on top, that one is a bit cheaper and easier to pack and take with you in the mornings if you’re short on time.

Dajana W.
Something easy, possibly a smoothie bowl. Fresh or frozen fruit such as berries or bananas are really good antioxidants and are good for the body. You can add some spinach for iron too. On top, you could add some honey for extra sweetness, along with some nuts for healthy fats. Its easy for anyone who just needs a quick, filling start to their day 🙂