What are some low carb alternatives to eggs for breakfast?

Marceau C.
I'm vegan and I enjoy eating tofu for breakfast. I know it sounds weird, but if you cook it with some soy sauce and paprika it tastes quite a lot like bacon, but it's much healthier, full of protein and kinder to animals ❤️

Ron E.
I like bananas or instant oatmeal. A protein shake with almond milk is also really good in the morning. Maybe a piece of toast with natural peanut butter.

Jar A.
I actually prefer to have a healthy portion of clean complex carbs in the morning to fuel my workout. Oats with isolate protein powder is one of my favorites.

Annalisa P.
It’s difficult for me eating low carb in the morning, as it is the only opportunity during my daily routine to have carb. Nonetheless I strength myself trying to eat banana, Natural yogurt, almonds, dry sausage, nuts 🥜, meat ball or whatever I ve cooked the night before.

Katelyn Q.
Coconut chia pudding or oatmeal. Oatmeal may be a little higher in carbs, but they are healthy carbs that provide a quick recovery after a workout!

Elizabeth Q.
Fresh organic mixed berries and organic cottage cheese are great low carb choices. Any protein and non-starchy veg are great choices too!

Sergei Z.
Some low carb alternatives to eggs for breakfast are low carb pancakes (limit to one or two) with some sugar free syrup, bacon, sausage, raspberries with some 80 calorie yogurt (usually has 8 or 9 net carbs). Hope that helps! Good luck!!

Vidal Z.
Eggs are low carb they are high in protein and healthy fats so there is no real low carb alternative for them as they have almost zero carbs.

Geraldine F.
Eggs are very high in protein so I would not discount that. They keep you filled for much longer compared to other food. High carb is best for beast but especially if it’s also rich in protein.

Anna Q.
Smoothies or fruit bowls, avacadoes, low carb pancakes or waffles, granola, and lean bacon are some of the things I thought of initially.

Atika Z.
1. Oatmeal with fruits
2. Banana and oat smoothie
3. Strawberry banana smoothie
4. Steal cut wheat porridge
5. Overnight oats
6. Banana smoothie
7. Low fat yogurt fruit salad
8. Date shake with flaxseeds