How do you make sure in the “rush” or getting ready in the morning to stop and eat breakfast. I almost forget.

Raquel F.
First, I learned to adjust my thinking about what breakfast means to me. If I am in a rush or it is very early just a piece of fruit works for me on the go. I get hungry later at lunch or break and eat a more traditional breakfast like yogart or hard boiled eggs. Preparing grab and go food the night before is so helpful. Further I started reading a book called the miracle morning by Hal Elrod. He offers very specific advice about getting a morning routine started. It's a great book. I find the fabulous app gives many of the same directions. Now that I have adjusted my career to be working from home, I get to rush less and enjoy the food making process. Even still, making decisions in advance is key. This week I have had, peanutbutter toast, and avacado toast; alternating each day for variety. Easy clean up!

Ive also found eating breakfast in the same place helps me slow down. When I worked as a server I showed up 15 minutes early, sat at the same bar stool, read the Oregonian and at that to go food I mentioned. Now I eat at my home desk and look over my calendar. I hope this helps and makes sense. I know you're going to customize your habits in a way that meets your needs. Cheers!

Christian A.
Things like oats, nuts, hard boiled eggs and fruits are great in the morning to grab when you’re in a rush.

Prepare easily accessible breakfasts the night before such as overnight oats in the fridge (there are so many good recipes online), and putting fruit and a bag of nuts on the side that you can grab before you leave.

Smoothies are also a great option for when you have no time at all – blend everything the night before (oats, yoghurt, fresh and frozen fruits, peanut butter, protein powder, the options are limitless), then put it in the fridge and grab it when you leave.

Catherine F.
By setting a time frame for it. I don’t let it slip and I don’t slack off of eating my breakfast and how I do that is by prepare everything in advance
Marylynn V.
You can buy breakfast bars to have for your breakfast every day when in such a rush to get to work and make sure atlest pack your lunch to top it off to hold you over until you get home to have dinner.
Storm C.
I usually remember because my stomach is telling me to eat lol , usually after I drink a glass of water then my cup of coffee I go read my Bible then exercise ….then eat a small bite usually eggs
Andrey J.
This can be a challenge. What works for me is to plan my day so I can get to sleep on time an wake up earlier. More time in the morning affords me no rush, better mood, higher productivity and of course… A great breakfast!
Lance U.
I think this depends on your profession and the time in which you report to work. If you have a job where you can eat breakfast while at work then prepare breakfast the night before and reheat in the am as you are grabbing your lunch box. Then eat on your way to work or once you have sat down at work.
Ida W.
First set strict reminders and Do as per if you waking up with alarm just Drink water after that start a normal exercise and the complete your daily routine with healthy breakfast.Ta da you have done all your needs with in time & enjoyed also.
Lilou Z.
You have to make it a habit . How? Well , it is easy ! You can have something made before you go to bed and put it by your bed side and so that way you will always have something to eat right in front of you. Another tip is you can set a remider so you will never forget! And here is a little gack you can make some healthy bars or yogurt jars and put them in your fridge. That way even if you are rushing you will always have something on the go to give you ebergy and boost you up to start the day!
Konrad U.
I think about what I want for breakfast the night before so I look forward to what I eat the next day. It also helps me feel like I have a sense of control and not feel like I’m a mess.
Louise E.
Be productive & plan for your morning the evening before. The more you can get ready the evening before. The more time in the morning you will have for breakfast.
Dwayne W.
I don't have to worry on getting in the "rush." But if I would be? I would make sure to wake up early and have breakfast.