What are the exact, crazy specific steps, you take when waking up?

Petra M.
Pee, wash my hand and face and teeth, drink glass of water and when I am able to, exercise . When I go to work i usually prepare my clothes and things the night before, but if I need to cook my lunch to take with me i prepare what I can ahead but cook in the morning before I leave.
Alo S E.
I look aeound to see if there is a little excuse to go back to sleep again, if it's there i sleep again 😁 if not i wake up
Albenise G.
I drink my bed side botle of water, go through my phone and wake up to a stretch or yoga. After all that, I help myself to a healthy breakfast…than I'm awake
Liis Y.
I wake up and go on my Phone because the light wakes me up and its not some active thing right away. Then I go brush my teeth and eat. After that I will drink water and maybe do some yoga
Olivia G.
First a sip, or half a bottle, of water. My nose doesn’t let enough air through so I breathe through my mouth and my mouth dries out, sometimes painfully so. After that I usually check my sleep tracker, either active or passive, depends on if I remembered to turn one on my phone on the night before or not. I check how much sleep I managed to get, how tired I’m going to be usually can be inferred from that. Then check how charged my phone and watch are. Look at the time and determine when I should eat breakfast if I have an at-home day or how fast should I get ready if I have to go out. Then sometimes shower/brush teeth/wash face/moisturise/eat breakfast, depends on the day. Also make the bed if I remember and am not in a super hurry as well as pack my bag.
Constance O.
Well, everyday I have to take a pill exactly half an hour before breakfast. So I drink water and I have time to make a delicious breakfast with fruits and granola and make a cappuccino and getting ready to enjoy my day.
Kelly O.
Not really anything haha. I drink water, (rarely) read, journal, and shower/say good morning to my family.
My ideal is to read, journal, meditate, morning yoga, and shower. I usually wake up at 8am so I don't have that much energy. I sleep at 11 or so.
Maureen X.
Drink 500ml of water . Complete 6 min diary, meditate for 10 mins. Get up and get a coffee once I’ve enjoyed that I brush my teeth do my lumispa facial for 2 mins and shower. Viola ready to start the day
Gene C.
1. Log my dreams if I remember them.
2. Drink a little bit of water.
3. Get dressed for the day.
4. Preheat my car
5. Find something, anything to eat. Usually dinner left overs or dinner
Maureen X.
When I wake I drink 500ml of water to rehydrate I then listen to wake up/wind down message on Spotify it’s only about 5 mins. I then complete my 6 minute diary morning questions are
I’m grateful for ………. put 3 things
This is how I’ll make today great….
Positive affirmation
I then do a meditation from insight timer
Followed by some stretches and a shower….. the last 30 seconds are set on cold for a touch of cold water therapy to support my immune system. I’m then I’m ready to start the day
Emily N.
i wake up with my son and enjoy his cuddles in the morning, loving eachother. than he gets down and starts playing with his toys while i check my phone. after a while i get up, make our beds and clean up and head downstairs for the day.
Tracy J.
I usually wake up whenever I like at the moment due to not working and being in lockdown due to covid. I watch an episode of my favourite show and catch up on social media. I then have a drink and decide what to have for breakfast. I start my day then after I brush my teeth
Sarah B.
I wake up, go to the toilet and go back to my room to get my clothes. I go to the bedroom to get dressed and head to the kitchen to grab breakfast. I grab my breakfast and water and drink and eat it. I check my social media and emails to check if I have missed anything important and to just be up to date (I would love to just skip the social media, but I'm not there yet).
I brush my teeth, get my biking gear, dress according to the weather and take my bike to work.