Any protein-filled breakfasts you recommend?

Diethard X.
Oh, I most definitely can. You can put peanut butter or almond butter on toast, or even a banana. Eggs with sliced up guacamole in the side, that has a lot of protein! You can even cook baked beans, as a side with eggs, and sliced up guacamole.
Carl Cia T.
I like fruit with peanut butter, sometimes on toast. I also like eggs and toast with soy sauce. Overnight oats with chia seeds. Greek yogurt. Soy milk.
Sara P.
Overnight oats, with banana, various other small fruits. Homemade protein bar.
Eggs for breakfast as it’ll slow down the release of the oats!
Eliab Z.
My breakfast is usually a Herbalife Shake (formula 1 with protein drink mix and fiber) I also like eggs with spinach beans and corn tortillas
Olivia T.
I am a huge fan of a three-egg, spinach and cheddar omelet, with 3 slices bacon, berries and some avocado slices. Delicious, quick, and powerful!!!!
Ingo Q.
-Smoothie with chia seeds, hemp and chickpea flower
-organic peanut butter and whole grain toast
-whole grain pancakes
Evangelia T.
An egg with spinach & cheese and a slice of wholemeal bread with peanut butter. Some high fiber fruit and a cup of tea with a bit of unsweetened soy milk. 😋👌🏼☀️
Cassandre T.
Hi there. I like Kashi GoLean cereal; plain low-fat yogurt with a little honey/maple syrup and some almonds or hazelnuts; turkey bacon; organic eggs; oatmeal made with frozen berries and topped with yogurt and nuts; or in a pinch, a banana and a few handfuls of roasted unsalted nuts isn’t bad. You can also make hardboiled eggs beforehand to grab and go as needed.
Lauren W.
I’m still trying to figure it out myself lol
I heard duck eggs have 9g of protein per egg. I was thinking about trying it. I hope it taste like a regular chicken egg
Wayne U.
One of my favourite weekend breakfasts is Mexican Eggs aka Eggs Ranchos. Tin tomatoes, beans, coriander and eggs dropped into the heated mixture. For a treat we add chorizo too. Look up a recipe and give it a try and be rewarded with a tasty and hearty breakfast.
Simon T.
1-Yoghurt has some protein and paired up with seeds and nuts it's a plant-protein packed breakfast that'll keep you satisfied for a while (you may even add protein powder)

2- hummus on a multigrain toast. The chickpeas with sesame paste in hummus are another plant proteins (supermarkets sell a chocolate flavored hummus to die for)

3- olives

Hans Adolf U.
I love shrimp and asparagus for breakfast. Just heat up a cast iron pan, put some butter, put shrimp and asparagus, cook for a few minutes, add some salt and pepper. Maybe add half an avocado. Delicious!
Alyssa U.
Eggs with sausage and tomato. Coffee is something that I like, even that it's unhealthy.
Sometimes, 2 hours after breakfast, it is nice to eat banana
Lo C A.
I am a simple person and do not care for the health mumbo jumbo. My protein breakfasts include porridge with honey, piece of fruit and toast with PB&J, Cereal with a hard boiled egg, and lastly anything with eggs in general.
Antonio E.
My favorite proteins at breakfast are eggs and Greek yogurt. Yogurt is great with fruit and eggs with spinach or tomato makes a great way to get some veggies in at breakfast!
Johanne G.
I usually have porridge wit stewed fruit and a bit of yoghurt; that’s my weekday go-to. Some protein but not heaps. Maybe an egg , protein-fortified cereal. I generally have my protein at lunch or dinner. I have on occasion had tuna for brekky—very filling—I think tuna is protein? Oily fish, anyway, which is good for you! I’ve always had a lot of fiber for brekky, as it fills me up ahead of a busy day. Maybe I need to rethink this for better protein choice in the mornings.
Catherine P.
I have a green smoothie in the morning where I add sunwarrior protein and sunwarrior collagen to give me the added protein