What is your suggestion regarding the Eat a Great Breakfast habit?

Erik O.
Protein and healthy! It will help keep you full and going longer. Eggs (cooked in good butter) and sausage or bacon. Add some cheese or spinach in your eggs for fun! The fat in the butter will help regulate your blood sugar levels so you’ll stay fuller longer and more alert without crashing. Avoid starch/carb heavy breakfast foods. They will make you feel full right away but you’ll crash not long after and be hungry. And only eat when you FEEL hunger. If you eat just because, your body isn’t going to utilise it properly. Best wishes!

Clyde T.
It's a great habit. I normally don't eat breakfast in the morning, and this habit has helped me stay focused during the day and also kept me away from junk food.

Jules Z.
I Have a bagel, cherries and cream cheese spread… It is delish and also on the healthy side!! But also, I dont want to do the 5:2 habit but I should I need motivation…help?

L On Q.
Eat your breakfast at the kitchen table every morning, not in bed or on the couch. It makes it feel more like a special part of the day.

Guy P.
Something which is healthy , tastes good to you , easily available and you do not have to spent time thinking about what to eat when you are rushing to work or other chores in morning

Paul Y.
I think it’s a good idea and works for me, mainly because I don’t always feel hungry and may go most of the day without eating! And that is NOT good. I answered another very similar question a few weeks back. Do we have access to other questions and answers? Obviously I don’t know, so I will answer again here:

You don’t have to eat a large breakfast, but some protein at least is good for “breaking your fast”. Sometimes I’ll have a cup of fat free or low fat cottage cheese with 6 oz of fresh berries (plus water, tea, milk, lots of fluids). Most berries come in 6 oz plastic clam shell packaging so there’s no measuring to do. I also need lactose free cottage cheese and add Stevia (natural sweetener) to sweeten the berries. It’s almost like eating dessert! Other times, I will have 98% fat free yogurt but it isn’t always enough or very hearty. Oatmeal with fruit will stick to your bones! And of course, there’re eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, etc. I stay away from most cereals because of the added sugar and other stuff like preservatives. I hope this has been helpful.

Alice F.
Make sure you have something planned that you're looking forward to having. For me it's a healthy dollop of vanilla Greek yogurt (nothing artificial in it, and with actual vanilla pods/seeds) with fresh blueberries and strawberries, and a sprinkle of walnuts. That, with a nice espresso and a glass of grapefruit juice. Actually giving yourself time to set the table and sit down is helpful as well. Meal times are meant to be relaxing, not rushed!

Denise P.
To just start small. Don’t force yourself, but try every single day to just eat 1 thing in the AM with your water. & Be consistent!

Lara Q.
I usually make green smoothie for breakfast which has also quite lot of protein. I keep it simple and use almost same recipe every morning so it’s fast and easy to do

Olivia Z.
Whenever you eat well, your mood is good, you get good health in the future, and keep away from diseases such as blood pressure and harmful fats

Judith C.
Eggs! I literally prioritize around eggs. If I’m on the run, I hard boil – if I’m home, I poach or scramble. So easy, so great!

Lee W.
Start small with a fruit, coffee and milk, some eggs. Me personally I cant eat lunch type things like beans or soup or vegetables

Amber E.
I like to meal prep my breakfast so I know I’ll always have something healthy and quick to grab that will also fill me up. I try to fit veggies into my breakfast and keep it low carb so I make a crustless quiche with broccoli spinach cheese and cream, cut it up into squares, then wrap them up and freeze.

Brianna E.
Meal prep your breakfast. On the weekend I did a big batch of scramble eggs, sweet potato and peppers. Then when it was time for breakfast I just heat up my portion for the day. I eliminate 2 obstacles: to think what to eat and to cook in the morning.

Layla U.
I suggest that you need to accept this challange. It's worked wonders for me. I'm no longer dead half way thru my 12 hour work shifts and it helps me wake up a little earlier as well.

Emilie A.
Eat what you like, try different things to see what suits you. Weetabix are a good choice.
I have branflakes and a bannana.

Flora O.
Boil some eggs the night before. Its fast and easy and high in protein. Grab one on the way to work or cut it up in salad on days you have extra time.

Erin P.
Lately, I have been making steel cut oats w/apple, cinnamon, whole milk, and coconut sugar in my vitaclay cooker. It is ready to grab and go in the AM. And keeps my hunger at bay until lunch.

Maurice Z.
Well I'm a woman 1. on a budget and 2. With a son so doing this habit is a must especially for my son. If I eat healthy and right in the morning he will. But I try to grab things that dont break the bank. Eggs, bread, fruit, oatmeal, raisins, small bag of nuts l, jar of peanut butter. These things will not break your bank and last for a while. Everything is under $2 where I'm from. That's my kinda price. I can buy these items and have oatmeal with raisins and walnuts in the Morning or eggs with sliced fruit and a piece of toast with peanut butter. I'm eating healthy, fulfilling my appetite and energized.

Brian Y.
Well, I personally don't eat the biggest breakfast and about every day, I will make a healthy smoothly following with avocado toast and will have a glass of orange juice or water

Emily C.
I always feel better eating a little something for breakfast. If I have the time soft scrambled eggs on toast is my favorite. A couple hard boiled eggs with some soy sauce is great if I'm in a hurry.

Amalia Q.
I find that meal prepping a great breakfast on Sunday ensures I eat well throughout the week. I like to make either a tofu scramble or a veggie-full hash with protein. I pack it in 5 portion-sized containers, and I'm good for the week!

Steve S.
3 eggs, 3 rashers of back bacon, ⅓ tray of sliced mushrooms, a tsp of garlic, and some grated cheese all fried up to make an omelette (on a bed of two of the bacon rashers, the other can be sliced up and popped in the omelette). And of course a cup of coffee with stevia and coconut milk. Delicious!

Same Y.
Prep things the night before. Set up a routine. Make sure you have breakfast items so you don’t get tempted to get take away.

Beverly U.
Eating a good breakfast helps you to start the day well, fuels your body and prevents you from snacking through out the morning.

Andrea W.
Focus on eating a clean breakfast, low in meats/cholesterol. Carbs are your friend (unless it's coming from non-whole grain grains)

Reza F.
Prep! Meal planning is the best way to make sure I eat breakfast. Knowing what I’m eating and the time it will take me to heat/make, etc. in the morning makes it easy to remember to eat breakfast.

Lloyd U.
A good breakfast is one that is low on sugar and gives me sustenance for the beginning of my busy day. A good breakfast is also one that I can share with the ones I love; helping me to know what they will be doing in the day to come.

Victor Z.
I like to build my breakfast the night before at the same time as I prepare my water for morning. I use oats, chia seeds, frozen berries, maple syrup or honey, peanut butter, a bit of vanilla, and milk. I let it sit overnight in a Tupperware in the fridge and it is ready to go in the morning.

Filippa C.
Plan ahead. Make a menu at the beginning of the week with a nice variety of things to choose from. You will feel great about eating a healthy breakfast first thing in the morning because it sets the tone for the rest of your day and gives you the energy to accomplish all of the things that are set out before you.

Marsha W.
Weekly meal prep. Go shopping on a day off from work and spend time prepping ready-to-go meals. I make my own granola in large batches which is super easy, completely customizable, very affordable, and tastes HEAVENLY. It also allows you to control the sugar, salt, and fat content as you see fit. Use a recipe online as a general guide and customize to your liking, and find a store with bulk bins for dried goods. It's just a matter of mixing everything in a large bowl, laying it out on a lined cookie sheet, and toasting it. That and a large tub of yogurt make for a fast, delicious, no-cook breakfast.

I also make a big skillet of potatoes, mixed vegetables, sausage, ham, etc. and freeze individual portions. Great by itself or you can add a fried egg, avocado, salsa on top. Or premake breakfast burritos and freeze them too.

Basically, get all the cooking out of the way because you're not going to want to do any of it in the morning. Make it super easy on yourself.