What is a good way to prepare for a healthy, quick breakfast the night before?

Michelle Y.
Set the ingredients apart. Prep for anything that will take more time than I have in the morning. Make healthy choices that I can look forward to. Think about how to make things portable for an on the go breakfast.
Ling Y.
Honestly I would prepare only the things that I need to use to cook breakfast in the morning like vegetables and fruits just like wash them the night before so that the morning you can cook it like really quickly and you'll have to prepare or wait for anything and the food you have would be fresh like really fresh for breakfast so I wouldn't like finish cooking it in the night before a great breakfast I would just like prepare it cuz I think that good food should be fresh for like the best health and for the looks of it too
Hunter S.
Definitely plan ahead and make sure you have all your ingredients. Make sure it's going to fill you but not with bad calories and look up recipes that night
Alfredo U.
think of what you feel you will enjoy and what will fill you up. if you want something sweet get berries instead of cereal. prep your berries the night before maybe too.
Corsino C.
I don’t prepare it a night before unless it was an oatmeal .. but I usually I do it in the morning I like my food to be fresh