I don’t have a lot of time in the morning to make breakfast. Any time-saving pre-made or quick grab-and-go breakfast ideas?

Kathrine F.
I prefer making the ingredients in the night, so you won't rush making breakfast in the morning. Please no hate, I was just inspired by a YouTuber, and I started following it too. It's my first time here. Anyways, I hope my answer helps. Have a great day
Monica J.
You could make a smoothie the night before with Almond Milk and the fruits of your choice. Usually a strawberry smoothie is a good choice because it's already sweet enough and there is no need to add any sugar or honey. If you don't like smoothies you can grab a yogurt tub with a handful of nuts (you can also get this ready the night before).
Anime R.
If you get the Quaker pay so simple porridge it’s really quick, you just open the packet pour the oats into a bowl, fill the packet with milk and pour that into the same bowl then microwave for 2 minutes. You can get different flavours or add in fruit
Ari N.
Yogurt and granola is quick, filling and healthy. If you want to make it more interesting you can add fruit and whatnot as well.
Kathrine F.
I prefer making the ingredients in the night so you won't rush making a great breakfast in the morning. Please no hate because this is my routine every night, and maybe it can help you too. I have no big answer but hope this helps.
Shane T.
Coleslaw Sandwich and fresh juice can be a very good option. Cut your veg a night before and store them in a air tight container in a fridge. Take them out the next morning and mix them with your fav flavour. Grab some juice and you're done. Quick and healthy.