What is a “must have” for breakfast?

Theodore O.
Definitely eggs with toast! I’d recommend scrambling your eggs and using a type of grain toast, but any type will do. If you’re tired of drinking water, make a fruit smoothie or something that will keep your energy up for a long time. If you can’t do that, maybe slice up an apple or banana and have that as a side with your toast. Bananas with peanut butter is always a great choice!
Jessica U.
A great protein source like eggs with some healthy fats like avocado or Greek yogurt. If I have a tough workout some steel cut oats are a good source of energy!
Storm N.
I believe protein and fats are a must have. It keeps me fuller for longer and I do not feel the need to snack more often on carb loaded foods
Gon Alo Q.
For me it’s nuts. I don’t like having to cook anything and I can easily grab a handful of nuts and some dried fruit. The nuts provided a lot of calories and protein in a small amount. I always keep walnuts on hand, but go with what you prefer. I also go with the unsalted kind.
Jake W.
Something with protein and something that keeps you fuller longer. For me, porridge and honey with nuts is always a winner.
Alvina S.
I find it difficult to really sit down and eat something when I wake up. Don't get me wrong, I love having breakfast. But I love sleeping more I guess. To still make myself eat something in the morning, I grab fruit or a rice krispie or something that I can eat standing/ on the way to work. I try to keep away from pastries, they might be easy but not really a good breakfast!
Ramona E.
Oh well, tbh idrk. I personally have fruits, milk or yogurt, (one boiled egg) and a bread or oats.
That’s what i normally have but somedays it changes (normally on the weekends cuz i have breakfast with my parents and they don’t eat fruits or my mom would just cook smth different)
Back to ur question, i mean i read that carbs are important in the morning so ig that, but it really depends on what u need. I suggest u to ask ur nutritionist bc for example, the nutritionist didn’t tell my father to eat fruits in the morning but as a snack, so it’s different for each person.
Veronica E.
Eggs are great for breakfast, they’re quick, simple and full of protein. Sometimes I have porridge with apple and nut butter, very nutritious and filling.
Victor E.
Fruits are always a must have, you get all the vitamins in the morning and also fructose will help wake up your brain. Fruit salad coupled with some nuts and protein full skimmed yogurt is just great start for the day.
Florent O.
Eggs and a piece of fruit. The fruit provides fast energy and the eggs provide fat and protein to keep you energized all morning
Valentin E.
I would say eggs. I consider it a vegetarian item that is a good choice for several reasons.
1) It’s a good source of protein.
2) it’s an easy breakfast item that’s quick to prepare.
3) incredibly versatile ingredient
Wilfriede E.
Breakfast that can make you full and keep you energetic for long is best for the day. Protein rich diets are always better for breakfast.
Ondino Q.
Healthy protein and healthy fats are a must have for breakfast. Many avoid fats, but that's actually needed. Eggs have them both, but if you don't cook eggs, then you can make sure to add avocado or butter/ghee or fish oil or nuts or Olive oil or coconut oil. A quick fix could be an Omega 3 pill of at least 1 gram.
Nadin O.
On days I don’t work, I always have a matcha green tea soy latte. Iced when it’s hot outside and hot when it’s cold out. I enjoy the process of making it with my little wooden whisk. The whole process is part of my morning ritual. On the days that I do work, I make coffee for that extra boost. I weigh out my beans and grind them with a manual grinder. Then I do a pour over technique. Something about my morning drink ritual calms me down and gets me ready for the day.
Alberto S.
A breakfast with lots pf proteins and salad and fruits. And two glasses of water after waking up. And Some form of exercise or yoga to have some focus
Livia T.
A nutritional breakfast is proven to boost energy levels, highten endorphins and can cause us to loose weight and be physically healthier.
Ramona J.
I would recommend:
– yogurt mixed with fruit (love berries), nuts and some oats
– toats with smoked salmon, lemon, pepper and avocado
– a nice fruit smoothie with almonds or other nuts
Rosa W.
For me it is eggs because I can eat so many and never get tired of it. You can fry them, boil them, you can make poached egg… there is so many ways to get creative with eggs and they are also a great source of protein.
Est Nia Q.
A glass of water first thing in the morning, and then a meal of slow digesting carbohydrates, like oats or fruit, a part of protein like eggs or yoghurt and a handful of nuts!
Jesse O.
Mix chopped spinach into whatever you make, if possible. Chances are you won’t even notice it, but your body will thank you.
Emil Z.
Personally, and this was confirmed my my nutritionist, the amount of fiber can really make or break a morning meal. Now, of-course one must always be aware of fiber consumption relative to medication intake, but I find that if I at-least have a high-fiber carbohydrate source like oatmeal, bran, or even an apple with my breakfast, my day goes a lot smoother. If I have time to prepare 8-16oz of non-startchy veggies with my breakfast, all the better. If all else fails, chomp a couple fiber gummies with your breakfast if you're running late.
L Ane Y.
For me, the one must have is something with a lot of fibers. Wholegrain Bread, raw oatmeal, etc. This helps ensure the breakfast takes time to digest, instead of feeling slightly hungry again well before lunchtime.
Scott X.
Something convenient but high protein low carb low fat. Fruit fiber completes the meal. Eggs, yogurt, fruit, cheese sticks, Ezekiel toast. Water.
Ida X.
Eggs. They have most of the nutritions needed in the morning and will keep your hunger away a long duration before lunch. I eat them hard-boiled, or fried with beacon, ham or cheese.
Agata Z.
A must have for breakfast is protein. If you eat eggs then just start your day by eating some boiled eggs. Proteins provide us energy to work.
Dean O.
Fruits. Complementing oats… fibers. A good breakfast makes you feel satiated and it helps to continue the day healthy
Vincenzo X.
For me breakfast is the most delicious and important meal of the day, so I go all in. Today I had orange juice, avocado toast, scrambled eggs and an oatmeal smoothie. 🤤
Brittany P.
Protein for me it’s a must with every meal. So my answer would be having eggs or any other source of protein. Protein for me it’s a must with every meal. So my answer would be having eggs or any other source of protein.
Wera Z.
I put grounded flax seeds in my breakfast every morning, and usually some coconut and nuts as well. Alternate between oatmeal and chia pudding. And yeah, doing my best to add berries every morning as well.
Edu No Q.
I love eating oats and chia seeds for breakfast. Chia seeds keep me full for alot longer so i dont get tempted to snack, and oats are slow releasing to give me the energy i need throughout the morning
Fatih F.
Protein. Low sugar. Low fat. Fiber is also good. Eggs with fruit and vegetables is good. Non-fat Greek Yogurt with fruit is good. Nuts with an apple and some carrots is good for on the go.
Ella P.
Ingredients for a protein shake(protein powder, peanut butter powder, frozen fruit, almond milk)
Eggs(and a good way to cook them)
Steel cut oats(for oatmeal)
And Protein bars
Leon Q.
I think proteins like eggs or nuts are my staples. Alternatives are trail mix or protein shakes. I think the best healthy breakfast is one that you will actually eat. So if you have trouble finding time to prepare something, than it is best to choose something you can just grab and eat on your way someplace, like nuts or trail mix. If you need variety, shakes are a great option, because there are millions of ways to make shakes. Coffee is a must for me, but I know some people think coffee is bad. I don’t love that it is addictive, but I do love that caffeine has been proven to increase focus and productivity, and coffee has been linked in scientific studies to both weight loss and longevity. Do what works for you, and what you will keep doing.
Vincent Z.
Protein is often something I lack during the day. So I pinpoint items that contain it. Meat, peanut butter, etc. And find sugary ones. I’ve lately been a fan of fruit and peanut butter. Today for breakfast I’m eating a toaster strudel with only 9 grams of sugar with peanut butter spread!
Duane E.
I really recommend to eat something that could provide you with enough proteins, you should avoid to have a breakfast with a lot of sugar because it won't give you enough energy to go through you day, I seriously recommend to eat something like egg prepared as you wish.
D Rio S.
I don't like apples then I bought bunch of bananas, some cereals and nots and of course eggs. I believe eggs are the best and easiest breakfasts at all.
Nina T.
Bacon is the first thing that comes to mind but that’s not healthy or realistic. Right now my favorite breakfast is an egg & banana pancake with blueberries. A little whipped cream on top maybe strawberries or raspberries and YUM!
Signe P.
For me, it's definitely something refreshing and light like fruits and yogurt, which is also very fulfilling. This is my go to breakfast because its quick and easy to make.
Harvey Q.
Appreciation. Mindful eating is key to realize what the body wants and help body, mind and soul to get the most out of every bite, sip.
Gabriella P.
I always prefer to have something hot. Oatmeal is usually a great choice for me but I’ve also learned that making muffins on the weekend helps me for mornings I’m running behind a bit. It gives me the feeling to having something in my body to start the day.
Cathy F.
There are not must haves when it comes to breakfast, which certainly isn't mandatory. If you feel like having breakfast, do, but it's not necessary. If you do feel like having something in the morning just eat as much fresh food as you feel like. As long as you stay away from breakfast cereals and other sugary concoctions, you'll be fine.
Stanley C.
Water, a protein and fruit -> those are my go to's. I do need more ideas for proteins, right now I'm either having eggs or apples dipped in peanut butter.
James O.
Having my routine breakfast is key to start the day. What I like to have is oats with honey and banana. There's no must have, but if I'm at home or out on the weekend I prefer to have eggs as it's a premium breakfast for me
Alexander W.
Anything that is healthy and oil free. Oats and fruits will do great. Also, a glass of milk never hurts. Continue to be fabulous!
Jesus Y.
I get bored easily I have something new every other time and I mix it up. But anything that includes starch, eggs and a fruit
Roberto U.
I love eating a handful of roasted nuts mid mornings after I've had my bulletproof coffee. But I could always start eating the steel cut pats with bananas and chia/flax when I have more time.
Ellen P.
Depending on the mood, eggs are great. Sometimes that's too much for me in the mornings, and oatmeal is also a nice way to start the day, or even other kinds of kashas. I sometimes feel unready for breakfast in the morning, so I should have it set up and ready to make so I'm not stumped
Tyler J.
Anything just as long as you eat. And don't feel like you have to stick to traditional breakfast foods, I like having actual meals that I have ready from left overs so all I need to do is reheat them in the morning.
Carol Z.
For me is a hot tea and warm oatmeal with fruits or shake with spinach, banana and soy milk. Sound like perfect breakfast.
Cindy R.
A protein rich breakfast is ideal. So an egg is like the gold standard. I like to have Greek Joghurt with self made blueberry jam (no additional sugar). I also love a salad with avocado, tuna, poached egg and onion on green leaf salad. I will try porridge again.
Raik U.
A must have for my breakfast is eggs. Fast, easy and healthy! Mornings can be hectic but having eggs on hand means that I start each day with a healthy breakfast.
Anna Marie O.
Anything with complex carbo. Whole grain, oatmeal, apples, bananas. On this article, it said that eggs are on “to eat” list. But I read a book that anything that vegetables based are better than animals based.