What is your go to breakfast meal?

Brian P.
Often I mealprep overnight banana-choclate oats or faux salted caramel oats (they're naturally sweetened with dates by the way). This helps me portion my meals and make sure I get my necessary nutrients. I always tend to buy pastries from the bakery on my way to work if I don't have breakfast prepped. So prepping is really important to me. You can check the recipes and other tips on the YouTube Channel 'Steph and Adam'
Sam Z.
I do a bowl of oatmeal with chia seeds, cinnamon, and a fruit (usually blueberries or a small chopped apple). I also have a green tea latte made with matcha and skim milk, nothing else.
Jimmie E.
Two boiled eggs. Forces me stay standing, isn't filling, and means I'm more likely to follow it with 8ish minutes of dancing.
Bobby P.
Oat meal : oat with milk , honey , banana , berries , Greek yogurt , cinnamon and peanut butter OR 2 slice of brown toast bread + egg + cheese and vegetables ( tomato , cucumber , rocaa ) . + Mug of coffee with milk without suger
Julie T.
Luna bars have been my go to breakfast for years. It works for me because it is vegan, quick, and keeps me going until lunch.
Lid Rio C.
Lately it's been bacon and eggs. In general I quite like spinach in omelettes and including either a small portion of salami or a single small lamb sausage. I find a little bit of meat extremely satiating alongside eggs. I'll also include a single slice of brown toast.
Vicki U.
My go-to breakfast is two or three eggs, sunny side up (I just spray the pan with some cooking spray, crack the eggs, and leave it on medium for about 8 minutes until the yolks are cloudy, then add a little some and a good amount of pepper) and a piece of fruit. If I’m in a hurry, I go with some microwave oatmeal and a piece of fruit.
Marlis U.
I like a little variety, but too much can become difficult. This morning I had two Weet-Bix with Greek yogurt and fruit and for the last two days I've had scrambled eggs. I also enjoy smoothies with fruit and veggies.
Ivo U.
I have a Bulletproof coffee each morning. It contains coffee, butter, MCT oil and a splash of full fat cream. It sounds awful, but I actually really enjoy it and it helps brdige the gap to lunchtime. I'm in my 40s so practising a low carb diet to help keep the weight off and a Bulletproof coffee fits in perfectly with that. So far it's working and I have the added benefits of more restful sleep, an easier time getting up in the mornings ( I get up at 4am) and improved mental clarity.
Mateja Z.
Bacon strips and scrambled eggs. Gives me enough energy to last till at least noon. I'm more of a muscular build, and I'm a bodyworker, so my body spends lots of energy. And also, eggs and bacon are salty, which is my primary craving over sweet. But it isn't always so. I go through bouts of breakfast avoidance that can last for a few weeks. Then fasting or light smoothies work for me.
Kelly S.
I have two go to meals. Firstly, it's an omelette with whatever leftover vegetables that I have around the house, finished with some homemade chilli oil. Or it's granola, yoghurt, almonds and blueberries
Shayla P.
I definitely am an avid smoothie drinker with a nutritional powder , as I'm a busy working mom. Though, when I have time for meal prep omelette bites are a GREAT partner for a smoothie!
Tracy P.
We prepare our oatmeal the night before, a mix of fiber enriched and regular oats, raisins and seeds. In the morning I heat it up and sprinkle goji berries and sugarfree apple jam, pour milk on top. With that I often have a cup or two of black coffee and a sandwich with ham and cheese. Lovely start!
Marina Q.
A banana pancake (one mashed banana + one egg). It’s really easy, I do it in the microwave. I like to add some cinnamon and/or blueberries, and then cover with peanut butter. Try it, it’s delicious!
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Jes N.
I have a smoothie every morning with spinach, vanilla oat milk, flax seeds, Barlean’s total omega pomegranate blueberry swirl, chocolate protein powder, and frozen berries. It’s delicious and keeps me full for several hours!
Sergio J.
I do not like eating too much in the morning so my ideal – and also fast- breakfast is composed of skimmed milk with chocolate, a small cup of coffee in it and a little bit of sugar
Mert N.
I like to mix it up with anything from boiled eggs and a variety of different cheeses to some honey with a slice of whole wheat bread. Tomatoes are almost never not present and I never finish a meal without some fruit.
Ross J.
A breakfast yoghurt pot – a couple of tablespoons of 0% Greek yoghurt, some fruit comport, a tablespoon of granola and a tablespoon of chia seeds to top it all.

On top of that, before breakfast I always have a small glass of apple juice mixed with wheatgrass powder and then I take my A-Z vitamins.

Peggy X.
My go to breakfast is 2 boiled eggs. I prepare my work weeks worth the night before my workweek. It's all I have time for in the mornings.