What is the easiest, but healthiest option for breakfast, when you want something for on the go? I work an hour away from home and don’t always have time for breakfast before I leave. Basically healthy options for ‘car-food’

Frederik Y.
I normally have yoghurt and granola, occasionally with some berries on top to give it that extra something. It's easy to carry to work in a tupperware box and can be made the night before if you don't have that much time in the morning. Alternatively make your own granola flapjacks with honey on a weekend as a healthy but sweet breakfast that you can have on the go! Hope this helps 😊 x

Randall G.
Energetic fruit and vegetable shakes. They keep you energized and saciated, and are so much healthier than fattening snacks we tend to get when in a hurry. There are hundreds of different shakes to be done, just put fruits, water and honey on a blender. You can choose any variation of fruits based on how they taste or based on their benefits for your health – and you can discover those hundreds of recipes online (there are apps for that!). I reccomend this habit because it is very easy and tasty and has definetly changed my morning energy.

Catherine J.
Chia pudding. 1/2 cup of milk of choice, 1.5 tablespoons of chia seeds, and a 1/4 cup of fruit. Mix it all up, let it sit in the fridge over night- then grab for a car breakfast.

Audrey F.
I have found that a well packed sandwich is a good on-the-go option, and a sandwich is always as healthy as you make it! Anyway, you should be able to give yourself a little time to have breakfast in your home if you don't want to make a mess in your car. Maybe, it in your home, listen to a book in your one hour journey?

Vicki T.
I am currently having the same issue. What i do is take hard boiled eggs and two fruits mostly apples and bananas which are easier to eat on the run.

Valerie P.
Ok, I have an answer but please hear me out. Porridge is amazing as it takes two minuets to prepare (I get the ready brek sachets and if I have blueberries in the house I add those for some flavour) it’s delicious and keeps you full all day while being quick to make. But for on the go (as I have a bad havit of sleeping through alarms when my sleep pattern is out of sorts) I grab a banana and snack on oranges. Being slow releasing in energy, it’s healthy and tastes great. Plus it’s a lot more transportable than porridge. Alternatively a breakfast bar never goes a miss. You can make them the night before with any preference of flavours and fruits and take them the next day! I hope thise helped.

Adauto Q.
if you like some slices of bread with jam or anyway something very quickly, for example some biscuits or chocolate, just to have the energy to go, but after some hours later i suggest a snack, a fruit

Kylie P.
Overnight oats!
There’s so much you can do to customize it to your preference, or not at all! The night before, in a cup or container that will fit in your cars cup holder, put your oats (regular, not steel cut) in and add milk to the top of the oats, or more depending on how you like it (I prefer a little more milk).

I prefer mine just like that, cause I love oats and milk.

You can prepare whatever you’d like to add ahead of time in another container (I don’t add them at the time because that changes the texture in a way I don’t prefer).

So many options: apples, pears, granola, peaches, brown sugar, agave, blueberries … mint.. ANYTHING! Nuts! Whatever!

Then you’re all set.

Don’t have to worry about cooking or anything. I used to think a hot breakfast was the standard, but I started to pair this with a thermos of hot tea and it’s been lovely.


Chris P.
I'm mildly allergic to tree nuts, but if you're not, I used to find almonds to be a great option! For myself, I'll drink a cup or two of lactose-free 1% milk. It has a good blend of fat/carbs/protein. However, the carbs are not complex. If you have time for toast, a piece of toast with your almonds would be good. If not, whole grain crackers make a good alternative. I hope this helped!

Karl U.
I am in the same situation. I was thinking to have easy no mess foods. Things I can put in a ziplock bag and go. Such as apples, oranges, or any type of fruit already cut and prepared. Mixed nuts and string cheese.

Josephine O.
I find a breakfast bar like kind bar or cliff bar to be filling and enjoyable for morning rides. Find one that is less sugar and more protein to keep you more full. You don’t need to buy a whole box of something just buy individual ones so that you can find the flavor that you most enjoy. This way you will be looking forward to breakfast every. Morning

Noah J.
Boil some eggs the night before. I'm going for a cup of Greek yogurt and a kiwi every morning because I don't eat much for breakfast. You can always grab a cup of dried oats that only nerd hot water in case you don't want dairy.

Clara T.
Peanuts are great for protein. Maybe a to go cup of porridge so you can add water to it at your office. Banana is great too and a hard boiled egg is easy eat in the car.

Howard N.
There prepared oat, you can add milk and put in microwave for one minutes, then add different seed or fruits you like and take it to the car. I usually do it myself too.

Enora O.
Any fruits would work, they are good for a quick on the go meal. However if you have even just 5 min, (if you have a blender) I would suggest blending fruits and vegetables together in a smoothy or drink it's super easy and great for on the go

Elaine U.
I always suggest fruits. As someone who is rushing I enjoy the ease of a banana (they're great for the tummy), pear (high in fiber), or blueberries (antioxidants)! If you're feeling daring an almond butter and banana toast with cinnamon or blueberries is even better. The almond butter holds it all together so you can focus on driving safely and no crazy saucy mess. Just toast some healthy bread, spread nut butter, and add sliced fruit on top along with cinnamon if you desire! I generally cut the toast in half for even more ease.

Darrell U.
I think a nutritious smoothy that you prepare the day before and keep in the fridge would be a good breakfast for you. I think you can also make smoothies in batches and freeze them. You'd have to put it in the fridge the night before, still, to thaw! I've also seen people freezing the ingredients for smoothies in one plastic bag per smoothie and the morning of, they just throw the content of the bag in a blender with yogurt or milk or whatever you prefer and boom, breakfast ready ☺️

Pauline W.
I would say, a sandwich well put together can be a good choice, if you can use ingredients such as ham, cheese, egg, salad, cucumber, butter (yes just the basics but actually can be really good), and of course bread with many seeds. I'm not an expert but I would eat it and feel good after a breakfast like that. Also you can prepare it the night before to save some time

Lisa O.
Meal prep! You can find lots of recipes for healthy breakfast muffins or overnight oats. Try making stuff the day before (or preferably for the whole week if you can). You could also make a smoothie (easy to drink in the car) or your own oats breakfast bars. I would recommend checking out recipes on pinterest. Meal prepping has been the biggest help for me in eating healthy (and saving money!) because it makes the choice of eating healthy so easy!

Warren E.
Prep beforehand, for example make egg muffins stuffed with veggies (these are freeze able) or bake your own healthy bread, avoiding corn syrup and tons of sugar, that way a cheese and ham sandwich is suddenly a lot more healthy

Terezinha P.
Granola bars are really good, and are high in protein so they will keep you full. English muffins or toast is also an easy option, and you can pop them in the toaster while getting ready in the morning.

Felicia Q.
Although I dont have any experience myself with needing a breakfast on the go, I do prep breakfast for him sometimes. What I like to do that you can always mix up is overnight rolled oats. I'll put it in a mason jar the night before he leaves for work so when hes heading out the door it's as easy as just grabbing the jar and a spoon. You can add fruit, sugar, stevia: whatever strikes your fancy. 🙂

Hans Jochen Q.
I had the same issue. I boil eggs the night before and in the morning I pack them with some red bell pepper or other vegetable.

Axel O.
I work an hour from home too and definitely understand the struggle! For days when I have zero time to prep and have to eat in the car, I often go for greek yogurt drinks. Look for ones with less sugar though, and if you can, pair it with something that has some more protein (a handful of almonds or cashews maybe). Bananas are also an option, but I don't think they are as filling. Do you work at a desk? And can you eat there? If so, I will make up a breakfast casserole on the weekend and portion it out for the week. Then warm it up at work and eat it at my desk 😊 Good luck!

Ken P.
I don't really encourage eating in the car (especially if you drive) but preparing breakfast the night before in a food container which you can either eat at home or if you're running out of time put in your bag and finish at your work place could be a good solution. Sandwich with sliced carrots and cucumber, overnight oatmeal, a cold wrap would make an awesome start of your day 🙂

Alyssa B.
A smoothie with fruits, milk (can be vegan), oatmeal, and peanut butter is a good option. It gives you sustainable energy for the morning. You can include some protein powder, or green powder too.

A quick sandwich is also a good option. Bread, egg, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes is what my nutritionist recommended me. Weird thing, but I learned to love it. You can take the cheese and veggies out and put some avocado. It's also delicious.

Overnight oatmeal is another good idea. You can meal prep in cheap glass jars leaving them in the fridge. Just pick one and go for it when commuting.

Oliver Y.
Every few days I hard boil some eggs so i can grab them and go. I like hard boiled eggs though so it's not a struggle for me to eat them

Susanna F.
Make time to meal prep on your days off. If you aren't vegan then there are so many options out there if you search "breakfast muffin" recipes. If vegan, there are egg substitutes such as using flax meal as a replacement. Point is, plan and prep ahead as you can make very healthy, nutrient dense muffins to eat on the go.

Jason Q.
In your case, I think the easiest option is a peace of fruit, some yoghurt and almonds. If you have time during the weekend, you could also prepare some home made granola (oatmeal, almonds, chia, flax and sesame seeds and some honey) and eat it with some yoghurt and fruit (that's a breakfast I can prepare and eat on 10/15 min). You could also prepare some pancakes (oatmeal, eggs, banana and chocolate, all mixed in a blender) and freeze them, so you can heat them up fast when you want (this is a flavorful and nutritious breakfast that you can easily eat in the car). Hope I could help, and good luck on your journey!

Alex C.
I have found that I just couldn't motivate myself to "make" breakfast in the morning. That's when a friend told me about overnight oats!!! You can put some pretty great stuff in them to cover all your bases on food group level and you just grab and go!

Frederik Z.
I would go for fruit and a granola bar. Depending on your commute and how easy it is to eat, perhaps a small yoghurt also. Easy enough to grab and while not the best of breakfasts it is still healthy and will give you a bit of a boost for the morning. As a plus, if you don't finish it all you have snacks for the rest of the day!